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First things first

Over at the Inside Scoop, Binker points to evidence that maybe the ‘creative class’ ain’t all that.

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Making money from misery

Yes!Weekly’s Jordan Green offers an eye-popping article about government-backed profiteering that occured, and is still occuring, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.  Here’s the last paragraph… “…When Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast it did more than expose poverty, environmental fragility and compromised infrastructure; it laid bare a national system of political patronage that enriched [...]

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Tycoon has come to the right place

My N&R column promotes The “Aycock Square” portion of the Aycock Neighborhood‘s master plan.  This project was one of the most creative and common sense things to come out of the exhaustive charette we undertook back in 2003. With the prices of Central Business District property skyrocketing these days, the city may be able to pay for [...]

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Playin’ dots

Cranium (N&R) might be the craze in other parts of town, but in the Aycock Neighborhood we play Mexican Train Dominoes, or, as its known around here… “Dots”. Neighbors Matt and Mel intoduced everyone to the game last winter and now a bunch of folks, both kids and adults, are hopelessly addicted.  A couple of times every week you’ll [...]

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Bad maintenance dooms another city owned building

Some times you have to use your own eyes instead of relying on what others say – such is the case with the Ice House (N&R).  Our City Council needs to take a road trip to see what is truly going on down on Market Street. Following my post about the pending demolition of this historic [...]

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Advertising current events

I clicked on a BlogAd that started running yesterday in the column over there —–> and found out about goings-on Down East that I haven’t been following before now. “…A century since Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle shocked the world about the atrocious conditions endured by workers in meatpacking plants; time stands still at Smithfield.”

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Ice house options

This just doesn’t make sense unless you a cynical enough to believe that the city is pushing for bus parking over the preservation of the Colonial Ice House. The city has an appraisal for our property fronting East Market Street that came in at $290k.  According to city engineering/inspections head Butch Simmons, the city has received only two offers for the [...]

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R.I.P. Bobby Carroll

I just found out Bobby Carroll died last week.  Thanks to many of you, his last months were more financially tolerable than they would have otherwise been.  (I found out a couple of months ago, but regretfully never reported, Bobby’s fundraiser took in nearly $9,000) Some cancer battles are easier to win than others but many [...]

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A comedian’s view

Sunday’s N&R Ideas section leads with an (unposted) interview with comedian-turned-author Nick Adams.  Editor Elma Sabo printed several for-whites-only, learn-while-you-laugh, excerpts from his new book entitled “Making Friends With Black People“.  She also interviewed the Eden, NC native via email. I’ve heard of the ‘brick wall’ that hopefully exists between the paper’s editorial and news departments, but this editorial/story seems [...]

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a.d. Changes at Grimsley

With little fanfare, Grimsley High School’s former assistant football coach and long-time athletic director Neil Hatcher has left that position.  Replacing him are two men – only one of which I know. Lewis Newman comes from Mendenhall Middle where he taught P.E. and fielded the Mustang’s football team for many years.  He has been instrumental in fundraising efforts [...]

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