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Bad publicity

Due to his antics at Cone’s place, Mr. Madame Justice - aka Connie Mack Berry, Jr - is noted by Glenn Reynolds as the latest in a growing trend of ‘sockpuppeteers‘.

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Men will cook. You will eat

One week from tomorrow is the fifth rendition of one of the cleverest fundraisers ever devised: Men Can Cook. The benefit for The Women’s Resource Center brings together fifty or so local men who will be serving up their favorite dishes to all in attendance.  For a $30 donation – $10 for kids 10 and [...]

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Grimsley vs Western Guilford

That one was easy enough.  The score was 41 to zip going into the fourth quarter when coach Shuping decided to suit up the water boys and trainers lest he be accused of trying to embarass Western Guilford. Except for their special teams, this year’s Whirlie football squad looked polished, fit, and ready to rock [...]

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That’s soooo 1960′s

I agree with Doug Clark about the efforts of Guilford County’s black leadership at organizing a ‘buy black’ day… “…for “leaders” to urge this practice, even for one day, seems to me to be divisive. It also completely ignores the fact that in our fully integrated economy, dollars aren’t black or white. They’re green.” I suppose this was [...]

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Go, again, Whirlies

So, tonight, it begins.  Every Friday night from now until the snow almost flies will find the Hoggard clan occupying hot… and later in the season, cold… aluminum or concrete bleachers in area high school football stadiums.  The 2006 rendition of the Grimsley Whirlies take the field tonight. Topping the experience of last year’s state championship run will be [...]

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Move to the middle

I apparently struck a chord with a lot of people yesterday.  My bi-weekly N&R columns don’t normally generate many more responses than a daily blog post, but this one was different. Among the many emails I received (all positive, BTW) over the last 24 hours came this short one from a lady in High Point…  [...]

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Sucker punch avoidance

I generally accept the descriptive information found in N&R crime reporting articles as being adequate, but not today. JR shared his paper’s reasonable policy on revealing the race of a suspect back in November, which I repeat here:  “Do not identify people by race unless it is essential to the understanding of a story. Suspect descriptions, [...]

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Just color me purple politically

Update: Good conversation about the color purple going on over at Joel’s place. ******************* Having been out of town for so long and with a deadline looming, I was lacking the time and, frankly, enough of an informed opinion, to take on a specific local issue for this week’s N&R column.  So I did what [...]

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You are outtahere

I have rejected the Altmedia101 ad for Rachel Lee Hunter that would otherwise occupy the space over there —–> Few campaigns have disgusted me more than hers, especially in a run for the State Supreme Court.  I will have no part in promoting her chances of sitting on that bench.

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Sometimes, only a loan will do

Picking up on Allen Johnson’s editorial in today’s N&R about what constitutes “wants vs needs” among the eleven initiatives Greensboro will vote upon come November…. Johnson uses a the addition of a sunroom to his home as an analogy for how he, as a voter, might decide on which ‘yes’ buttons to push.  His thinking is [...]

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