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Grimsley 21 – Page 10

What a game.  Page High put the fear of God in their cross-town rivals. The Whirlies offense was lethargic throughout the first three quarters.  They finally got their game on in the fourth quarter with a long, grinding, ground-oriented drive that helped them re-gain their confidence in themselves…. but not before the Pirates gave the Whirlie fans [...]

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Vote Mark Martin – NC Supreme Court Justice

RLH closes an amazingly non-Justice-like (and un-Christ-like) web entry with this: With the real love that Christ taught, Rachel Lea Hunter. This would all be quite funny if it wasn’t for the fact that every time Mrs. Connie Mack Berry, Jr, or her husband, publicly crap all over themselves, they get their names, however sullied, mentioned in [...]

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The new GGO

The N&R reports that a new sponsor for Greensboro’s long-held PGA tourney will be announced later today.  Whomever it is, I hope they will go all retro and re-incorporate “GGO” back into the name of the event.  As in… The Fed Ex Greater Greensboro Open.

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Life in video

Lenslinger has that flashback thing goin’ on.  Few of us have had the various stages of our lives splattered on, or rather been the splatterer of, the daily video news.

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Big names are the biggest violators

I’m not going to get overly worked up about Greensboro’s top 10 housing code violators who saw their names pasted on the front page of today’s N&R.  Truth is, housing inspectors could visit your house and probably come up with a dozen or so problems. Got a leaky faucet?:  Violation.  Electrical outlet cover cracked?: Ditto.  [...]

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City of Greensboro let Ice House fall into ruin

The way this whole thing has been handled by the city is wrong on so many levels.  Our municipal government should be in the business of setting an example for the private sector to follow.  If one didn’t know better, one could get the impression that Greensboro’s slum-lord-extraordinaire Bill Agapion was the property manager for [...]

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Page/Grimsley week

Grimsley High School principal Rob Gasperello is doing his best to keep a lid on the annual spate of tom-foolery that has traditionally occured between the Whirlie and Pirate student bodies… and their cars… and their campuses… and so forth in the week leading up to this Friday’s football game. During a PTSA assembly last week, [...]

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Fan without a game

Help a brother out here.  What does the rest of the world do on Friday nights in the fall if they don’t go to high school football games?  Grimsley has tonight open and Jinni and I are kinda lost as to what the options are. Might be a good night for “dots“.

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Ice house – somebody’s at least listening

“I don’t know the politics… I’m just trying to get someone to listen to my idea…” said the last-Ice-House-suitor-standing to a member of our city council this afternoon. “If the goal is to save the building“, he continued, “then this is the only way I can figure out how to do it.  …a public private partnership.  If the [...]

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Ice House – the deal that fell through

There is no mention of it in today’s N&R story headlined “Who pulled the plug on the ice house“, but a big part of what thwarted previous plans to demolish the old building and build 24 new condos in its place might have been the purchase price offered by developer Kevin Jones: $80,000 $150,000 (ed. note: [...]

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