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The bad doll

If you’ve got 7 minutes or so, it would be good if you’d watch this film.  An award winner in the Reel Works Teen Filmmaking Project, ‘A Girl Like Me’ was the jumping-on place for a compelling column by Leonard Pitts that ran in the N&R this week. (Thanks, Mebane, for the link) Something’s got to [...]

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Meblogin speaks

Longtime commenter ‘meblogin’ has joined the ranks of local bloggers.  The blog is named, aptly, meblogin.  Go give him (I’m presuming maleness for some reason) a read and encouragement.

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Ice house – the offer as presented to City Council

During last night’s city council meeting, Councilman Tom Phillips asked for an update on the status of the Colonial Ice House.  After a general update, City Manager Mitch Johnson asked Engineering/Inspections Director Butch Simmons to explain the recently submitted offer for the property.  Simmons’ answer was simple and misleading by omission.  He chose to dumb-down the complexities [...]

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Ice House – The offer

In light of today’s N&R article on the subject, I thought it might be a good idea to explain the offer that is on the table to purchase the Colonial Ice House as my feeble mind understands it. This is complicated, so bear with me and excuse any typos, I’ve not had time to edit… Let’s say you [...]

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Ice House – a contaminated site with a missed opportunity

Related, background posts here, here and here.  According to the environmental assessment of the Colonial Ice House property performed in January, 2002, the city knew it was buying a contaminated site.  However, because the assessment was ordered as an evaluation for what was going to be – at the time – a planned bus parking lot, [...]

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Ice House – Current conditions

Although no one had the keys to actually go into the Ice House when City Manager Johnson, Inspections Dept. head Butch Simmons and I met on September 6th, there was plenty to see and discuss by looking at the exterior of the structure.  A couple of observations…

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The Ice House

The saga of the Ice House started back on August 4th, 2003.  During that night’s city council meeting (minutes – PDF file), our city staff requested approval to purchase the property on East Market Street.  A site plan was presented that reflected what was in store for the property: an expansion of the adjacent city bus parking facility. [...]

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Grimsley 33 – Ragsdale 9

Sat. morning update: N&R coverage here.  N&R photos from the game are here. ********************* I think one of the best things about this non-conference win was the number of Whirlie fans that made the trip down Business 85 to Jamestown.  Our side nearly matched the Ragsdale’s in number of fans but the Tigers held the [...]

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If you have any bagged spinach in your fridge, DON’T EAT IT! Know… I’ve got a football game to get to… more later.

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My Jinni and I

Twenty two years today.  Twenty two wonderful years. But we are just getting started. What a great start. I’m still in love with my girlfriend and can’t imagine life without her.

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