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Your people didn’t call my people

Triad Biz Journal report: Bell South sues Greensboro to the tune of $753.000.  City says, “What the….?” (press release, Word file)

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Deadline deferred

I know, I know… you were disappointed, weren’t you?  I’d imagine thousands of N&R readers rushed out yesterday to pick up their copy of the N&R with bait on their breath… or however that goes… only to find that my bi-weekly column didn’t appear on the editorial pages. First off, let me say, writing to [...]

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After this, Court TV’s Nancy Grace ought to be taken behind the barn and horsewhipped. 

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A new favorite

 New (to me, anyway) local blogger Nancy Bartholomew recalls her Dad’s passing… “…I say, “How are you feeling? I want to talk about how you are.” He tries to tell me about how he’s breathing much better but I cut him off. “No, Dad. How are you feel-ing, inside, emotionally. Are you scared?” The eyebrows [...]

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Betty Boop’s brief appearance in this trailer for ConvergeSouth makes me a little unsure what Anthony Piraino’s short production will be used for, but it is pretty cool.

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GCS blocks weblogs

Guilford County Schools is way off base on this one.  The practice of blocking access to weblogs from all school computers is paranoia run amuck in my view.  According to Roch Smith, Jr., the official explanation for such blocking came from Dr. Terrence Young, GCS’s Chief Information Officer, who explained, “…such filtering is required by the federal government. [...]

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Tater video

The Troublemaker’s latest video production.  Ben is having a just a whole lot of fun with this Bledsoe/Wray/Miles/Johnson/Racism/Rhino thing.

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Are you the problem or the solution?

Regarding that “Pre-emptive Photo” of War Memorial Stadium I posted a couple of days ago… it has to do with a similar photo found on the front page of the Rhino this week (unposted ’til Monday)…  For background, here’s an email I sent to John Hughes with the Greensboro Parks & Rec department… “I ran [...]

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Rhino buzz

What with the Rhino Times next installment of Jerry Bledsoe’s “Cops in Black and White” hitting the streets today, I know what Greensboro will be talking about over the weekend.  Today’s segment brings the late Rev. Michael King and Project Homestead into the mix. Yesterday, during my meeting with city staff about the Ice House [...]

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“Educational trip” vs “field trip” – compare and contrast

An interesting tidbit having to do with our litigeous society came home with my two Grimsley H.S. students today.  Both are students of Dr. Stefan Stuber in the Whirlies excellent band program. Since Dr. Stuber took over the band several years ago he has taken his charges on a competitive-oriented Bahama cruise “field trip” every three years.  With [...]

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