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Grimsley 44 – Northwest Guilford 20

Next year’s Whirlies squad got a good bit of playing time last night in their postponed Monday night game.  To his credit, Coach Shuping is more interested in developing his team than posting grotesquely lopsided wins.  But I doubt it was all about altruism. The last regular game of the season is only four nights [...]

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Calling out the N&R’s editorial board

When I express an opinion here, readers who disagree with my take are free and welcome to engage me in the comments below.  Usually a conversation ensues causing me to defend my position.  It happens all the time. When the N&R’s editorial department expresses an opinion in print, readers who disagree write letters and ‘counterpoint’ pieces [...]

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Friday night, no lights

Bummer. My parents drove in from Kentucky today to watch the Whirlies and won’t be able to stick around for the postponed game.  I think I’ll test some influence and call principal Rob Gaspa…. , no, check that…  Who do I call to complain? Since when do they postpone football games because of rain?

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Free publicity…

…is a good thing. My company, Double Hung, is restoring the windows in a 1924 high school that now houses the Arts and Science Center for Catawba Valley in Hickory, NC. One of the directors of the center called the local daily to see if they might be interested in what was going on.  They [...]

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Field of Deebs’

“I wish that Deebs could see it.”, said Janice Young of the dedication of the new football field in her son’s honor and memory at Mendenhall Middle School yesterday. In addition to losing her son two years ago in a car crash, Janice went through a tough bout of breast cancer during the same time as my [...]

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Apartment X outed

TVPhotoBlog, who photogs for the competition, gives us his considered guess on what all of the “Apartment X” billboards and related WFMY-TV hype is all about… “…I watched the promo twice and thought about what I saw and heard and I think they are going to pull a cheesy knock off of the highly popular [...]

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Gasparello out?

Next Day Update: The N&R’s Jennifer Fernandez has the story. **************** I have no details, nor do I have confirmation from Guilford County Schools on this. What I do have are two kids who attend Grimsley High School who have told me that, starting tomorrow, Rob Gasparello (spelling corrected, thanks) will no longer be their principal.  [...]

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Another take on the hypocrisy of the News & Record

Yes!Weekly columnist Ogi Overman points out (much better than me) the hypocrisy of the N&R’s editorial board when it came down to whether or not they would endorse the Nov. 7th bond that will save War Memorial Stadium.  Ogi was on the ‘other side’ in the 2003 baseball stadium debates… but he has a flawless memory of all the [...]

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It’s time to save War Memorial Stadium

About my op-ed column that appears in today’s N&R. Since I started writing my bi-weekly piece six months ago, many people have asked, “Do they (meaning the N&R) tell you what to write about?“.  No, they don’t.  But sometimes, with a deadline looming and no idea what I’m going to say, I sure wish they [...]

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Sawyer vs Henderson for D.A.

Although I don’t agree with Gaurino on a lot of things having to do with local politics, I do agree with him that governor-appointed District Attorney Doug Henderson is probably too engrained in local politics to serve effectively as our lead prosecutor. The outcome of Henderson’s first real challenge in his new job… that being whether [...]

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