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The week that is

I will be exercising radio silence for most of this week… My company is involved in two large window restoration projects a long way from each other (Albemarle and Hickory, NC) and management of those will take precedence over everything else, except family… which is also different this week. Jinni has flown the coop to [...]

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Grimsley 49 – Smith 14

Glad for the win, but I’ll tell you this:  If my team doesn’t start figuring out that football is a four quarter game, I fear for their playoff chances. Our defense played like they were out for a walk in the park, but Smith had other ideas.  They have a kid name of Brandon Wiggins that decided [...]

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Friday night… again

The Grimsley Whirlies are going for nine in a row tonight against the Ben Smith H.S. Eagles (1-7).  By all indications, tonight’s game will give next year’s Whirlie team some playing time. In the only state-wide football rankings I know of, Grimsley is rated #5 among all teams regardless of classification and #4 in their [...]

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Get the money, then we’ll talk

The N&R’s plan to tap into the online community: Version 2.1. This time, I think, they really mean it. Lex:  Long story short, in January we plan to hold a meeting here at the paper of key N&R news and technology staffers and anyone in the community interested in working with us… We’d do it sooner, but [...]

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Who or what is …and why are they where used to be?

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Two lenses, two views

Greensboro’s two blogging photojournalists filed reports on President Bush’s visit yesterday. TVPhotoBlog was there… and I mean the man was in the thick of it. Lenslinger… not so much (and lovin’ it)

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From the mouths of adolescents

Before I forget, I’ve got to relate something that happened during last Friday’s ConvergeSouth BBQ at my house. Congressman Miller was filling his plate with food when I went over and invited him to come in out of the cold and eat at my dining room table.  He accepted. When we got inside, my 12 [...]

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On public access of the RMA report

Troublemaker:  Let me make one thing really clear. I did not post the RMA report online. Yes it is true that I got the report before any other blogger did. N&R got it, then WFMY got it, then WGHP, then I got it. After that it just gets really confusing. Ben speaks the truth. I [...]

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Isn’t it just a matter of convenience at this point?

I’ve got a hankerin’ to go out tomorrow and make 400 copies of the RMA report and stack them up on my front porch.  Then I’ll post a map to my home address and tell people they can come by and pick them up for free. Is there any legal or ethical difference between what I’m contemplating and [...]

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Mr. Sun


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