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Dead reckoning

City Manager Mitch Johnson’s statements in this morning’s N&R seem to re-aim the crosshairs away from Councilwoman Bellamy-Small as the presumed source of the original RMA leak and the subject of Mayor Holliday’s desired “reckoning”. “… city officials are no closer to discovering the leaker’s identity… Independent consultants… determined that security at City Hall was [...]

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Greensboro101 resignations

This is a great disappointment to me. I thought that this past weekend’s ConvergeSouth get-together was largely about promoting what some of my friends are running away from only two days hence. Sign me up, Roch.

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RMA report is up

The RMA report is online over at Greensboro101. I don’t expect much actual work is going to get done around Greensboro today. Update: It is apparently a somewhat redacted version in that it does not include the 44 pages of supporting documentation. Update the 2nd: If you are trying to keep abreast of local weblog [...]

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The best last word on ConvergeSouth

Lenslinger recaps ConvergeSouth with a flair not found elsewhere.

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Carmany’s relief and lament

Councilwoman Sandy Carmany talks about what it means for the RMA report to have been outed. Update: Speaking of outing… Apparently, a familiar former commenter has started a blog called The Conservative Alternative.  That is a very good thing and I have added him to my blog roll.  Sam (it is you, isn’t it Spags?) is furthering the [...]

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The heart of the matter

Mr. Sun says… “I’ve skimmed the report. I’ve read Jerry’s series. I have a question.” “Is there anyone, anywhere, in any of all of this who was working towards closing the racial gaps that were obviously prevalent in the GPD? Anyone? In the GPD? Ed Kitchen? Mitch Johnson? A single living, breathing human being? Or, [...]

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Our City Council should redact and release

Like Ed, the city’s reticence to make judiciously redacted parts of the RMA report public confounds me. After reading the whole thing I’m convinced our City Council should call a meeting and vote to release at least the first 31 pages of the report (Section 1).   From my non-legal view, that section of the report confirms [...]

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RMA report

I’ve just finished reading the RMA report. If I were manager of the City of Greensboro, here’s how I would have handled former police chief David Wray. I would’ve gone visit him to give him an opportunity to explain the differences between what he had told me previously and the things that Risk Management Associates [...]

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Proof of pork

OK, people, I’m not doing this for my health.  This is all for community building in its most delicious form. Boston butts have to cook reeaaal slow, which means someone has to get up at oh-my-God-o’clock to make a preparation or two.  That’s be me. At last count tonight’s Southern Convergers number over 100.  But [...]

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You want the RMA report?

You can’t HANDLE the RMA report. But here is comes anyway…  Go see The Troublemaker. I have a theory.  At this point, I think the City will be privately relieved that this report is finally out there in the public domain.  The official side of the Wray affair will get seen and, because they didn’t do the [...]

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