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Crane love

After seeing today’s front page story in the N&R, I am now convinced that someone down on Market Street has a crane fetish. (I mean, other than Allen Johnson) They are covering that damn crane like dew covers Dixie.

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A hopeful sign for moving forward

After all of the bad blood and name calling earlier this year, if this is possible here in Guilford County, can a reconcilliation between the Shiite and Sunni people in Iraq be far behind? Although I am pleased to hear Paul Gibson say it is time to move beyond the ”…ancillary crap that seems to bog us [...]

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“N&R …failed in its mission”?

Wendell Sawyer, over at Guarino’s blog, on the N&R’s past reporting of the David Wray matter… ” …(the) News & Record is the one major player in this controversy that failed in its mission. A daily newspaper has an obligation to its community to provide fair and balanced reporting of the news. Unfortunately, it now appears [...]

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Yes!Weekly on the GPD

Wedging themselves between the N&R/Mitch Johnson-hater crowd and the Rhino/Bledsoe-can-do-no-wrong crowd, Yes!Weekly files a remarkable piece on the GPD saga.  Authored by Jordan Green, “The struggle for the soul of the Greensboro Police Department” tells us that this thing is not quite over.  But we are getting close. Green gives some middle-ground perspective not only regarding the [...]

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As others see us…

I just couldn’t let this pass without mention. The N&R noted on Wednesday that a production company recently wrapped up five weks of movie filming in the Triad.  ”The Key Man” grabbed “scenes at Greensboro’s War Memorial Stadium and Forest Oaks Country Club“, according to the article. In an ironic jab to local who think certain old [...]

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Life is good, except for that stadium vote

It could be because I have let this blog to lanquish for a time, but my N&R column ended up coming across like three separate blog posts this week: One about Jinni, one about War Memorial Stadium and, of course, I had to mention Grimsley football. I really am trying to get back to blogging [...]

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Hiatus, or, making hay while the sun shines

Hogg’s Blog is not dead, just resting. Regular blogging will resume as soon as I catch up with work stuff.  Perhaps sometime in 2008. Kidding.  Stay tuned.

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Over analysis?

Regarding Joe Gaurino’s guess and analysis as to why police association lawyer William Hill pointed fingers at and challenged Rhino editor John Hammer as reported in yesterday’s N&R; Joe might be over-thinking the thing. Although the facilitator at the meeting quickly redirected all parties to the subject at hand, it could be that Hill was simply lashing out at [...]

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911 call from apartment C

Ben Holder reports that a 911 call was made from Lavelle Williams apartment nearly two hours before the 7:41a call that alerted police to the horrific scene at Madison Park Apartments – but there was no one on the other end of the line.  When the police followed proceedure and went to check out source of [...]

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Frank Mickens interviews Bellamy-Small

Update: The link to the interview is working. Although I can’t get last night’s Frank Mickens WFMY interview with Dianne Bellamy-Small to play past the commercial, I can pass along this quote from the embattled councilwoman… “…I have been set up…”

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