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Grimsley 21 – Charlotte’s Myers Park 16

Oh… My… God… I’m taking a defibrilator to next week’s game and charging big money for the service.  (N&R photo’s here including one from my daughter Josie) With 13 seconds left in the game, Myers Park was leading the Whirlies by 2 points.  Grimsley Quarterback Josh Stewart took things into his own hands over the right side [...]

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Love thy enemy and mean it

A sincere and loving letter from Pastor Joel to gay activist Matt Hill Comer ends with… “…And as to this young skinny white gay boy awe-shucks thing, well, we both know that’s just a set up for a really good sucker punch.” Sometimes, I just love this town.

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What if it was my kids?

Update: In the comments to one one Ben’s posts, Sharon Reynolds, a nurse who cared for one of the Williams children in the hospital writes… “…She told me it was a dream of hers to become a divorce lawyer. She stated she was working hard to make good grades at her High School so she can [...]

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Cause for celebration?

Guilford GOP chair Marcus Kindley: “Republicans! Be of Good Cheer!…”  “…WE held the Line, We turned out the Vote.  We stood firm after being outspent 10 to 1.  And being outnumbered by over 40 PERCENT. Yes we did the job. We Held! No Gains for the Democrats in Guilford! No Gains!!!!!!!” If exclamation point useage could [...]

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Two burials in one day

I helped to bury my 87 year-old friend in Kentucky on Tuesday.  While I gathered with her family and other close friends to ease her into the ground, Greensboro buried another octegenarian – War Memorial Stadium. In fine Irish tradition, those who made the long trek to my friend’s gravesite service threw handfulls of fresh [...]

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Catching up… one issue at a time

Boy howdy… do I ever have some catching up to do.  I don’t have time enough to post everything I have to say about everything that has transpired during my absence, but I do want to respond to Jerry Bledsoe’s sideways and ill-informed compliment in the comments to this post. I didn’t know much about [...]

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A picture is worth…

N&R 11/5/06  Artist: Anthony Piraino

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Accusation, denial, accusation

Troublemaker:  “…City Council directed City manger(sic), Mitch Johnson, to separate Miles from the (David Wray) investigation.”   Councilwoman Carmany:  ”This supposed removal is surprising news to me — it didn’t happen!”   Troublemaker:  “It did. You just want to lie….” Me: I very seriously doubt that, Ben.    More

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Double heart break

Due to circumstances beyond my control I’m not going to have the opportunity to vote this year.  It will be the first vote I have missed in many, many years. We found out late Friday that a dear friend in Kentucky, Bettie Lewis is her name, decided that 87 years was a pretty good amount [...]

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Whirlies seeded #2

The pairings for the 2006 state football championship playoffs are up.  This year Grimsley is in the West 4-AA division, and is the #2 seed behind Charlotte’s Independence High. The NC High School Athletic Association lists Grimsley as having 1915 students (PDF file) which bumped them into the higher 4 double-a bracket.  This a bit strange because [...]

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