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Grimsley 28 – East Forsyth 0

For the first time in their 100+ year history, Grimsley High’s football team went 11-0 for the season with last night’s win over East Forsyth. The N&R’s Kellie Dixon filed this report that doesn’t touch much on the particulars of the game, but focused on what Coach Shuping and the team face in the upcoming [...]

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Help ‘em out and find it out

If you need information about what’s going on within the now dispersed Eastern Guilford High School, or want to help them get back on their feet, go to My friend Ed Hathaway has put the site together in an effort to provide a central point for ”relief and information” for every aspect of the monumental job [...]

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Watch history crumble

If anyone wonders why the word “crumbling” is used so frequently in the same sentence as War Memorial Stadium, click on the ‘Video on Demand” box to the right of this story filed by WFMY-TV. It will cost the average homeowner in Greensboro a maximum of $2.87 per year to fix the place up.

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Mitch Johnson, in his own words

Shortly after I read the RMA report, I called City Manager Mitch Johnson for some timeline clarification on events and statements that lead up to David Wray’s resignation.  Johnson and I spoke for a long time as I scribbled notes and asked questions – all of which he answered in a straightforward manner within the [...]

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Suggestion to the N&R: Research first, then endorse

Update: Wharton asks, “… is this the level of research they did for the rest of the bonds?”.  Everyone makes mistakes, and the N&R isn’t exempt from that rule.  It is how mistakes are corrected that makes all the difference. ********** Allen Johnson, I assume, has spoken for all five members of the N&R’s editorial board and answered [...]

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