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More of Josie

Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Broom shop and a Shaker chair, Shaker Village, Pleasant Hill, Ky – by Josie Hoggard (Click to expandicize)

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Shaker Village

We have been in Kentucky since the day after Christmas.  Headed back today in time for New Year’s Eve. Several of the Kentucky clan shunned the Kentucky/Clemson football game yesterday in favor of a trip to the Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill about fifteen minutes from my sister’s Danville abode. While there, daughter-with-an-eye, Josie snapped [...]

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Beginning of the end? Joe K. is surely turning in his grave

Two shootings inside of a month at Four Season’s Towne Center.  Are those vultures I see Carolina Circling over Joe one of Greensboro’s most prominent development? Here it is Christmas Eve and I’ll wager that the place will be a ghost town today, relatively speaking.  The death throes of our other now-demolished mall comes to mind.  [...]

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Following Percy

I just added Percy Walker’s blog to my list of local favorites (aka, my blogroll).  Since Greensboro’s billionaire is going to run for Congress (or, perhaps, the Senate) in 2008, I decided I should keep closer tabs on the fellow and ascertain his developing take on the issues.  Here’s his thinking on Affirmative Action… “…Like Dr. Martin [...]

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Local Preservation – all talk, no money

The old Ice House on East Market Street was demolished yesterday. Rather than rail against the city’s inept efforts to save it, I think it is time that the responsibility for the loss of that historic building – and the future loss of others like it – be shifted to where it belongs: Greensboro’s preservation community.  I [...]

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It’s the thought that counts… Yeah, right. Ask Clark Griswald about that.

This is the first year my company is financially able to offer Christmas bonuses to the great people who work for me and it has me in an entrepreneural quandry. I know that, somewhere, there are unwritten rules for such bonuses: Is it one week’s earnings?  Two?  An equal bonus for everyone or does employment longevity enter into [...]

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The angels are crying

This is just so incredibly sad and tragic.  It is just too much to imagine.  I can’t fathom the depths of pain and heartache that is stalking the affected families in High Point today.

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The Sunday paper it was not

Update 12/21: John Robinson ‘splains it all. ******************** Was it just me or was the N&R a little thin in content, bereft of advertising and heavier on their paper stock this morning? Took me forever to find the “B” section.  Finally discovered it neatly tucked away inside the four-page “A” section.

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Fear not the words ‘Merry Christmas’

Today’s N&R column is about my personal crusade to relegate the phrase “Happy Holidays” to the junkpile of arcane linguistics. I really apologize for and regret my sporadic postings these last several weeks.  I’m still a dedicated blogger and truly miss writing on a daily basis and will get back to it soon enough.  Meanwhile, keep up [...]

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Chicken or the egg?

Billy Jones has been doing a little research on local online readership.  Here’s something he says he found out about the Rhino Times’ online efforts, or lack of… “….A surprising number of Blogsboro bloggers including myself have a larger online audience than do the Hammer brothers.” Not long ago, Willie Hammer and I had a long [...]

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