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Truth in preservation

David Wharton, a self-described preservationist “snob” and “hypocrite”, is neither.  But he knows faux-preservation when he sees it.

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Diversity schmiversity – let’s call the whole thing off

Thomas Sowell on the upcoming Supreme Court decision that will likely guide public school re-districting plans for the foreseeable future… “…Some of the learned justices are pondering whether there is a “compelling” government interest in creating the educational and social benefits of racial “diversity.” If so, then supposedly it is OK to do to white [...]

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More Wolfpack windows to fix

Looks like Double Hung will be headed back over to Raleigh after the first of the year.  I just received an email that my company landed the largest contract in our five-year history.  We will be restoring all of the 278 original windows in NCSU’s extraordinary ’1911 Building’. Although it was actually completed in 1909, the [...]

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Dennis Q’s ‘sawtooth’

The N&R has done some fine architectural reporting in the last two days. Yesterday it was Jim Schlosser pointing out some of our finest surviving examples of local public school buildings.  Jim reports that upon its completion, Greensboro school officials boasted about how much Grimsley’s original campus cost; it was the state’s first $1 million secondary [...]

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A leap forward… finally

After years’ of fits and starts, today John Robinson announces that comments are enabled on N&R articles… “…Now you can post your comment, question or opinion at the end of the story at…” There’s an example of said citizen commentary below Jeri Rowe’s compelling article on Greensboro’s love/hate relationship with race relations in Greensboro from yesterday’s [...]

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Blog to print, again

Last week, following friend and neighbor David Wharton’s excellent post on the new Center City Park, Cone suggested that everyone should read it and pass it along – and then this… “…if you still know anyone who questions the journalistic value of blogs, send it to them, too. The N&R should buy this and put [...]

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Coyote ugly

I, too, have cast off trashy-but-cheap WalMart in favor of the always-put-together Target. Rosenberg let his mistress down more gently than I but, I must admit, I paid some money to Sam’s last night and may have another trist with her today.

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Serial fatigue

From a comment over at Wharton’s place regarding the Rhino Times’ ongoing “Cops in Black & White” series… “…If anyone from the Rhino is reading this please know that a significant portion of the community has lost interest in Jerry’s musings. I personally stopped reading the story in the Rhino because I was disgusted with the reporting [...]

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Memo to GC principals: Keep your head down and your school average

Now that we’ve learned that Grimsley’s 86.4% graduation rate bested Dudley’s 2006 rate by 38 percentage points, we might finally be getting a hint as to why Rob Gasparello was ubruptly removed last month as Grimsley’s very popular (and obviously successful) principal. In fine Guilford County tradition, any school that academically outshines its peers is in equal peril [...]

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‘Legitimate’ banks can get predatory, too

My bi-weekly N&R column points out that a “predatory lender” can, and often does, wear a legitimate bank’s clothing. So called ‘banking relationships’ built over decades with major banking institutions are fine and dandy until you run into some financial trouble.  If that happens, ’real’ banks will treat you like a parriah and become one of your [...]

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