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On a wing and a beer

I just received an email from Minj Grille owner and superlative wing sauce whipper-upper Niki Hill regarding the N&R’s annual ommission of her establishment from today’s pre-Super Bowl Wings Challenge… Here we go again!!!!  I opened the paper today to see, once again, that Minj Grille was not even contacted about the “Wingding” I have a [...]

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So much for communities in schools

From the “GCS Application for Community Use of School Facility”  Item #4…  “Individuals/groups using facility must provide the Guilford County Schools with a copy of the certificate of insurance in the amount of $1,000,000.00 for the period of time the facilities will be used.  Individuals/groups must include worker’s compensation on the certificate of insurance for [...]

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Premature emasculation

I am dumbfounded by portions of today’s statement by The Greensboro Truth and Reconcilliation Project, of which I have been a past supporter.  To wit… “…May God grant the young men who participated in wounding their fellow students the tough love of honest friends and the necessary guidance and support by which they may be [...]

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Next appearance? Yes!Weekly?

As promised… The Killer. Maybe nobody thinks about it but me, but I must say that my relationships with the N&R and Rhino Times are hopelessly entertwined and beyond complicated.

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Let’s stop playing the race card.

Over the past several months I have engaged in many conversations with people about Jerry Bledsoe’s ongoing Rhino serial.  Many times the talk has turned to some variation of, “It looks like the N&R is at the bottom of all of this.” While I’ll acknowledge that it is certainly possible for the N&R to have slanted [...]

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Stench does Guilford College

I must say that Vie de Malchance is absolutely on fire.  In his not-safe-for-work-nor-the-faint-of-heart style, Fecund Stench has got the “Fighting Quakers” story completely covered.  Some excerpts from his latest dispatch concerning the happenings on West Friendly Avenue… “…Jerry Bledsoe is said to be sick of Chief Wray and wishing he was free right now.” “…Nancy Grace’s [...]

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Road to the Final Four goes down Lee Street

Chris Daughtry and Athenaum will play a free concert downtown on Friday, March 23rd.   Even though this is a downtown event, it is being staged by Greensboro Coliseum folks.  Dubbed ‘Tournament Town Goes Downtown Block Party”, Coliseum Director Matt Brown says… “…We expect a huge turnout and the Coliseum plans to feature the success [...]

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My new ethnic identity

From an old friend back in the Bluegrass State… Just keeping you posted so you will not embarrass yourself. Due to the climate of political correctness now pervading America, those of us in Northern Alabama, North Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Western South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and Kentucky will no longer be referred to as “Hillbillies.” You [...]

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Here come the Feds

A new development in the Guilford College story: “…the FBI is investigating whether a hate crime occurred on the small Quaker campus.” Update: News14 Carolina - some excellent advice in a joint statement by parents of three of the accused, “… our sons are presumed innocent of these charges and we hope that the community and the [...]

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Do what needs to be done

Former City Councilwoman Claudette Burroughs-White is undergoing treatment for esophageal cancer.  Claudette is one of my favorite people in the world. Please hold her in whatever light you deem appropriate.

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