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Playing with Bourbon on A-1

I told you a couple of weeks ago that I was drawn to Rum Runner’s ‘Great American Bourbon Dinner’ like a moth to a flame.  The blessed event occured this past Monday and I was remiss to have let the event pass without comment. Oh – Ma - Gah. I’d imagine the folks who do the [...]

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GCS at the forefront

While Guilford County Schools have had their share of High Point based mis-steps in the past, this is a giant leap forward for three schools in the area. “…Northwood Elementary, Ferndale Middle and High Point Central High schools will start offering Mandarin Chinese courses in August as part of an effort to help students compete [...]

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Expanded coverage

While some are saying that the Guilford College incident isn’t “terribly newsworthy“, the bad news on that front is that Drudge and the AP disagree.  The good news for Greensboro is that the AP story’s dateline relocates the thing to Raleigh.

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Representative Synonyms

Petty, childlike, immature, and…. Small.  She should take her ball and go home.

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Waiting on promises made

AJ on “Truth and procrastination“:  “… as I recall, the council has expressed more than once its intent to respond when the report was complete.It’s complete.”

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A classical take

A Little Urbanity on David Wray, Oedipus, and Greensboro… “I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that no matter what issue you’re dealing with in Greensboro, no matter how small, and no matter how fine you chop it, race resentment, both white and black, is there. Like fate in the tragedies, if you’re a [...]

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Lenslinger in print

Stewart Pittman jumps media forms.  Film to blog to print. “Not only is it the first time I’ve ever been officially published, I even got paid for the damn thing!”

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Reverse pacifism at Guilford College

“I’ve seen Israeli soldiers doing this to me in Palestine, but I’ve never seen this with citizens.” Yes!Weekly’s Jordan Green caught up with visiting NCSU student Omar Awartani as he recounted his beating early Saturday morning at the hands of some Guilford College students.  Awartani was trying to pull “seven to eight“ assailants off his friends.  All three of [...]

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My weekend

Gas to Sugar Mountain and back: $38.  Ski rentals: $42.  Lift tickets: $99.  A friend’s condo in Blowing Rock: $70. Corn dogs in Sugar’s lodge: too expensive to mention. A ski trip alone with your 12 year-old son even after declining my offer to take a friend if he wanted – well… that is truly priceless [...]

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No good deed…

Poor Ed and Amanda.  They were just trying to do something nice for ConvergeSouth and Scott Rosenberg last year. That was before the video editors at BetterBadNews had their way with it all.  Hilarity ensues.

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