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The Babalization of Greensboro

Doug Clark peers into the future of Greensboro politics… “…City Council meetings are conducted simultaneously in 13 languages.” A damn fine piece of thinking and writing that makes you go… “hmmm… that makes sense.”

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Greensboro city manager needs a blog of his own

Today’s N&R column by yours truly can be found below the following comments.  Other bloggers’ takes on the meeting can be found at the end of this post. ************************ Last Friday’s meeting (audio) between bloggers and Mitch Johnson and Engineering Director Butch Simmons didn’t sway me one way or the other on the various issues discussed.  I think [...]

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Recall Small dot com

A website has launched to obtain “734 signatures needed” from District 1 voters to force a recall of Dianne Bellamy-Small. In an email sent in support of Florence Gatten’s efforts (cc’d to me), petition organizer Tony Wilkins says, “Hogg, …I would be very interested in your opinion of a recall effort with only 10 months left in her term.” [...]

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Mayor in ’07

Mark my words. Today’s solo press conference (Holder video) by Councilwoman Florence Gatten was an obvious-to-me precursor to her upcoming mayoral candidacy.  Gatten is a master at the art of office-running. I’ll offer further informed speculation that Yvonne Johnson will soon announce her intentions to seek that office and Keith Holliday will step aside. Two open At-Large seats might be too [...]

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Delayed reaction

Just in case you’re wondering why I haven’t yet posted anything about last Friday’s Mitch meet-up, I decided to hold my fire and retreat to the pages of the the N&R for my take. The deadline for my Wednesday column is noon the Monday before.  I am very pleased to report that I actually made said deadline [...]

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FantaCity. A skeptic’s perspective.

Maybe its just me, but I just couldn’t help feeling a little put upon by this morning’s N&R. The front page of the Local section features a story and large photograph about the opening of FantaCity out on West Market Street.  This is the latest of numerous N&R articles within the last year or so regarding the [...]

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Meet with Mitch

Okay, I’m back… sorry ’bout that. The meeting with city manager Mitch Johnson tomorrow is still on. 9:30a in the manager’s conference room.  I know I promised to discuss an agenda for the meeting but those time-suckers known as family, business and sleep stole it from you. I’ve had several contacts since the original nominations closed trying [...]

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Double Hung online

Sue is a friggin’ whiz. I was contacted by the Triad Business Journal saying they were interested in doing a profile story on my business.   I took that as my cue that I really ought to finally acquire at least a basic website to promote whatever it is I am doing and provide some contact info. In very short [...]

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Wrong kind of jobs for Greensboro?

State Senator Kay Hagan says she is “inclined to support” a bill banning the manufacture and sale of AWOL alcohol vaporizer devices by a Greensboro based company… “…This is certainly not the kind of business for which Greensboro ought to be known.”  says one of my favorite legislators. But this is OK, I presume? C’mon. [...]

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The Brady/Wray Tapes

I just watched the public release of recordings of former GPD assistant chief Randall Brady and former Chief David Wray.  You can listen here (GPD website)  (Continuing coverage by the N&R with documents). The secret recording of a July 2004 conversation between Detective Scott “Scooter” Sanders and Brady (and someone else, presumably Wray, in another room) is especially disturbing.  [...]

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