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A many splendored thing…

But, Patrick Eakes starchy?  So says Yes!Weekly. (last profile in the article)

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A new voice in Greensboro politics

Local billionarie Percy Walker has employed a new voice in local politics: The Denigrator. (Get it?) In his debut, this man of great swagger and few words has looked into the background of our finest (and only) blogging councilwoman and declares… “Carmany is a liar“. Update: The Denigrator’s evidence of Carmany’s alleged lie about her age has now [...]

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Moving offline

Allen Johnson is putting together a get together for folks who comment on his blog.  “We can meet, get acquainted and save the world over a glass of wine.”, says he.  Several folks have said they will attend… but… In a previous thread, some of Johnson’s most loyal and anonymous opposition is proposing a separate lunch [...]

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DBS, master communicator

Update:  Scoop got the poop from the GPD and it stinks.  More: Doug Clark’s tongue is planted firmly in his embarrassed cheek. The Inside Scoop is trying to get the poop on a traffic stop involving City Councilwoman Bellamy-Small as first reported by The Troublemaker. As is her weird custom, Bellamy-Small would only agree to answer [...]

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A leak of unprecedented proportions

I just finished reading the latest episode of Bledsoe’s ‘Cops in Black & White’. While the account of Lt. Brian James’ interrogation about possible involvement with Nicole Pettiford was interesting, it was also extraordinary in its detail. Bledsoe quoted every “uh” pause that James uttered during his questioning by members of the Special Intelligence unit.  That level [...]

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Meeting set

Bloggers and others meeting with City Manager Mitch Johnson is set for 9:30a, Friday, February 23rd.  City council board room in the manager’s office. My picks among the nominees are here.

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The floor is open to nominations

As Cone mentioned on Monday, I had a long conversation with city manager Mitch Johnson during my drive to Asheville.  He said he would like to set up a meeting with some local bloggers to accomplish two things – one was his idea, the other mine. He is frustrated that no one is asking for [...]

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Double Hung – The Western Division

I neglected mention that my window restoration company, Double Hung, landed the Blannahasset Island School project up in Marshall, NC.  I signed the contracts on Monday and we start today. Continuing the inexorable march toward our western expansion, this project shows that before long we will be covering Dixie like the dew. I have made [...]

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That settles it… in a cowardly fashion

I’m reconsidering a previous position. In his email to Ed Cone about the Bryant Electric thing, City Manager Mitch Johnson states… “…per the contract Bryant had with the City of Greensboro my role was as a third party judge (I know this sounds strange but we had several contracts which stipulated that any disagreement would [...]

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Full time mayor?

Rosenberg peers into a future day-in-the-life of a full-time mayor of Greensboro for his weekly N&R column.  A couple of my favorites on the to-do list for that particular day… 10:10 a.m.: Check with physician: Is frequent leaking of RMA and other documents normal for mayors my age? and this one… which is not so [...]

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