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Typical Tarheels

Jinni and I drove to Chapel Hill yesterday to see Carolina have their way with Wake Forest.  The game wasn’t anything to write home about but the halftime show was a real treat.  Many members of the school’s 1957 and 1982 National Championship teams were in attendance and honored with a surprisingly emotion-inducing program (especially for a Kentucky native). [...]

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Confusing criticism

I loved the opening line in a letter to the editor in yesterday’s N&R from a fan out of Apex.  He was addressing last week’s column… “I am glad that your column (David Hoggard) comes with a picture of you smiling, because you are definitely a joke…” But from there, I’m afraid I was lost.  Especially with this [...]

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The other side of the story

City Manager Mitch Johnson responds to the Bryant Electric deal via an email to Cone. As a contractor who works on old buildings I always insert an “unforeseen”clause in my contrat documents.  When you start digging into 100 year-old buildings you never know what might be found.  Same for digging underground I’d imagine. Bryant Electric [...]

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Do your jobs

OK, City Council.  You can say what you want about Ben Holder and his reporting on possible malfeasance under your watch  - but you’d better say something.  Ignoring the documentation he is providing on the inner workings of City Hall and ‘splainin’ it away with “I trust our staff“, just isn’t doing it for me anymore. It is obvious [...]

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Teaching from the central office

From an alert disseminated by GCS Superintendent Dr. Terry Grier today… “This is to advise you of the formation of Guilford County Schools’ Intervention Teams that will provide additional support to schools not meeting academic standards…  To staff these teams, we are strategically redeploying 84 Central Office staff members and 20 school Curriculum Facilitators. …while some [...]

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home improvement

I have long coveted a feature found on some of my favorite blogs.  That being a place to view recent comments. Not being exactly savvy in the ways of HTML or CSS, I called my most excellent web hostess – name of Sue Polinsky (aka TechTriad) – and she was able to hook me up [...]

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The back story at Guilford College?

An extraordinary first person MySpace account about an alleged incident at Guilford College from back in September ’06… (via Fec). “…I’m trying to explain to Rosslyn what had happened at the off campus party, Faris threatens my life twice, saying “I’m gonna fucking kill you” and making a motion across his neck …Then he repeated his death threat to me [...]

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Move along CNN…

… and take a powder Jesse Jackson.  No hate crime to see here. Let the retractions begin.

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End of story

Fec boils it all down to where this whole Guilford College thing will likely end…. with a wimper – (hopefully, I say)… “…Had the Jan. 20th incident occurred at any other college in GSO, campus law enforcement would have been summoned and taken control. However, the old guy in the golf cart at Guilford had [...]

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Simply Sam

Sam Spagnola… “The leadership at the N&R just doesn’t get it. They continue to play the race card over and over only to be proven wrong. But not before more damage and division has been created in this city.  …we can look forward to the N&R creating (that’s right, CREATING) racial controversies that may sell [...]

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