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The Video

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Fat lady not even warming up?

In January I predicted, “The Willow Oaks demolition issue is not going to be over until Ben Holder says it is over.” The Troublemaker, riding a fresh breeze of mostly positive publicity in this week’s Yes!Weekly, says it isn’t over, and I believe him. Rumor has it that this town’s other alt-weekly; the one that hits [...]

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We don’t need no stinking comp plan…

The Inside Scoop reports that Greensboro is going all the way to Raleigh to relieve itself from following provisions of its very own Connections 2025 Comprehensive Plan.  H1195, filed by Rep. Maggie Jeffus, raises a defiant middle finger to the thousands of hours of work that went into a document that was supposed to guide Greensboro’s land-use for the [...]

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The path (hopefully) not traveled

I don’t mind telling you that this sent me into a bit of a funk last week. My Jinni was diagnosed with the same cancer, in the same week, as Elizabeth Edwards back in ’04.  They both underwent the same therapies and received the same prognosis when the doctors got through with the cruel magic [...]

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Meeting trepidation

Update 3/22: The N&R puts my mind more at ease. I’m going to attend tomorrow’s city held news conference at 11:00a which, according to an emailed news release, cryptically promises, “…a major announcement regarding the Greensboro Police Department.“  But here’s the thing… the wording of the announcement gives me pause. In the current atmosphere of ongoing investigations by most [...]

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Add your voice…

“Our goal is to provide an open and free Community Blogging system where anyone can stake their own claim…” A new Greensboro information and opinion outlet launched yesterday: 

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Reason for distrust.

By any definition, our City Council is a “public body”.  According to the law, as read into the record by John Hammer in this Troublemaker video, such a public body “may not” go into closed session to discuss ”a member of the public body”. But, on the advice of the City Attorney, they did it anyway when they retired [...]

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P&R proposed fees for 2007-08

While we are on the subject of the city’s online efforts and the Parks & Rec. Department and for Florence Gatten’s information. One of the many things the P&R Commission undertakes is an annual revue of the fees charged to the public for facilities use and participation in the many Parks & Rec offerings. During last week’s Commission meeting, [...]

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City Council vs Parks & Rec Commission

In a March 8th follow up email regarding the blogger/City Manager meeting, communication director, Pat Boswell, asked for “a list of things you would like to be made available.”  Nothing came to mind at the time, but I told her something would come up soon enough.  It took two days. On March 10th, I received a [...]

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Petitioners to City Attorney, “A simple yes or no, please”

Update: City Councilwoman Sandy Carmany emails with city attorney Terry Woods response.  I placed it in the comments below. In an email, recall Bellamy-Small organizer Tony Wilkins sez… “I was part of the last successful petition drive in Greensboro in 1989 (smoking referendum). At that time the City Attorney’s Office not only read our petition they [...]

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