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All work and no play…

Yesterday, Jinni drove with me for my bi-weekly visit to Marshall, NC.  My company, Double Hung, is restoring the 80 or so original windows included in the tax-credit rehab of Blanahassett Island School.  The 1923 structure, located on an island in the French Broad River, is undergoing an adaptive re-use conversion for its new role in the community: Marshall High [...]

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link added

I just added Piedmont Publius to my blogroll.  I should have done it some time ago. Authored by Greensborian Sam Hieb and brought to us by the John Locke Foundation, Publius is doing a great job of covering local stuff.  (One suggestion for improvement: it is way too difficult to leave a comment over there, [...]

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Lordy lordy

I don’t usually pass along stuff like the video links below, but seeing as not much work will be going on today due to the onset of March Madness… I figured what the heck. Two of the cleverest, funniest video remixes I’ve ever watched.  Might not be real safe for work, but you aren’t working [...]

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Greensboro, go small on incentives

My company, Double Hung is teetering on the edge of another expansion.  We’re at a point where we either need to grow pretty quickly or start turning down some business. In weighing the positives and negatives the decision on which way to go I thought to myself, “Self, wouldn’t it be great if I could get [...]

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Dirty laundry

Although I have no real sympathy for the subject of this WXII-TV report, it had to be hard for someone at the station to write and deliver.  Carr’s now-outdated autobio is here.

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Help a columnist out…

I’ve got another column to write for the N&R which will appear on Wednesday.  While I have a few things on my mind I would like to expand upon, I’m also open to suggestions. My Jinni suggested that I write about the Whirlie Girls loss in the state championship last night, which we attended.  But [...]

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Peek-a-Boo… I see you. Now go away.

I’ve often wondered exactly what goes on inside Peek-A-Boo on Bessemer Avenue.  The establishment is located right next door to one of my favorite haunts – the most excellent and helpful McKnight Hardware. Thanks to The Troublemaker, now I know. “A sixty-minute, two girl nude domination session is $250.” explains the lady on the other end of [...]

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Meanwhile, in another mid-sized southern city…

You think Greensboro’s elected officials are problematic?  We hardly rate when compared to Jackson, MS. First, Jackson’s Mayor Frank Melton was arrested for, among other things, using a sledge hammer to demolish a “drug house” and carrying a concealed weapon on school grounds.  But he just wouldn’t adhere to the terms of his plea-bargained curfew and [...]

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The net widens

Some members of Greensboro’s check-kiting club were arrested yesterday near Brandon, Mississippi.  The N&R is on the case and The Troublemaker has even more. As I was reading the two articles this morning I got the feeling that this thing isn’t just about stealing from local banks; two passages pinged my radar. The N&R reports [...]

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Past their prime?

In a similar fashion to last year’s calls for mass demonstrations and ’only buy Black’ efforts surrounding “A Declaration Against Intolerable Racism”, yesterday’s “rally”, er, discussion, in defense of embattled councilwoman Bellamy-Small seems to have fizzled according to the N&R. “…About 20 people gathered at Greensboro’s Genesis Baptist Church for the discussion.” Although the report doesn’t say, [...]

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