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No dentist left behind…

From today’s N&R… “Guilford County Schools wants to start notifying parents in April of their options for pulling their children from schools that don’t make federal progress targets this year.” Analogies can be helpful now and again.  By acribing the specifics of a familiar issue to an unrelated situation, a good analogy will make you [...]

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Greensboro’s most notorious couple

You’ve just got to wonder if any of this is connected to any of this. My guess is there is at least a connection between how the two-in-the-news Hinsons don’t know, or perhaps simply don’t care, about right from wrong.  If just Bledsoe’s account of the Lieutenant’s penchant for carousing with prostitutes is borne out, and any part of the [...]

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Championship bound – The Whirlie Girls

Update: More at Greensboro Amid all of last weekend’s hoopla surrounding the Women’s ACC tourney in the Gate City and then Tyler Hansbrough’s bloody nose, it is almost understandable how something this big and unprecedented could get lost in the shuffle. Almost. I mean, c’mon… all the Grimsley Whirlie women’s basketball team have accomplished this year was [...]

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Lost, or rather, misplaced in translation

In the comments to this post, Jim Capo was trying to make a point but it was in Spanish.  I asked him to translate the article so I might get some idea of what his point was.  Jim suggested I use Babalfish to do the deed. David Wharton did it for me… here’s an excerpt… [...]

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Inquiring minds

I’m hearing that a woman, name of Hinson, might be tied into this N&R story about lawyerly fraud?  Details, anyone? Update: Ben, of course, has some info.

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Biz Journal: A Clear Vision

My company, Double Hung, was profiled in this week’s Triad Business Journal. Reporter Mark Tosczak did a good job of capturing the essence of what we are doing and why we are growing at such a rapid rate.  The article is behind their paid subscription firewall, which is a shame… because it would be a [...]

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Bellamy-Small’s constituants weigh in

So far, the voices that have been missing in the Bellamy-Small/Gatten flare up is that of the embattled councilwoman’s constituancy.  Enter the Carolina Peacmaker, who was not invited to Gatten’s court house steps gathering.  Or as they put it. “…A press conference in which Gatten, who reportedly has aspirations to run for mayor of Greensboro, failed [...]

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Light purple had to suffice

Yesterday, my Jackson, a senior at Grimsley High, sought out a particular color of shirt from my (our) closet.  I didn’t question him at the time about it,  but now I know.

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Putting this white guy’s indignation on hold

Before white folk get all indignant about the Pulpit Forum’s characterization of the Bellamy-Small/Gatten feud as being, “deeply rooted in racist assumptions and values“, do what I did: take a deep breath, listen, take another deep breath… think… then resolve not to allow your twitching knee to jerk out of control this time around. My [...]

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