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I hate to say I told you so, but…

Those of you that have been reading this blog for a while will remember that Guilford County School’s first foray into school uniforms occurred at Aycock Middle School three years ago.  Today we read that I was on the right side of that argument.   GCS’s John Wright told our school board, “You do not find [...]

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N&R Column: “Crisis of the black male”

This week’s Carolina Peacemaker ran an article highlighting the National Urban League’s annual assessment of the “State of Black America“.  Sen. Barack Obama, writing the forward to this years report, subtitled “Portrait of the black male”, had this to say… “The crisis of the black male is our crisis. It is in our shared interest and [...]

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Skip is blogging and I’m responding

My County Commissioner, Skip Alston, launched a blog today. While it would be easy enough to dredge up the ghosts of now-defunct blogs that have been started by and for other local elected officials over the years, I’m going to take a different tack: I welcome him without reservation, snark or preconception. Meanwhile, in his first substantive [...]

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Bloggin’ and reportin’

I can assure you that much will be written about today’s demonstration/counter-demonstration.  Local bloggers and others were out in force covering what turned out to be, to me, a very strange and confusing day that centered around the appearance of Cindy Sheehan. The Shu (left) and I showed up earlier than most.  We had a great [...]

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8:30a – Protest preparations

I had to go to my shop on West Market Street this morning.  While there, a bunch of fire trucks showed up on Green Street next to the Lincoln Financial (JP) building.  I thought it strange for that many emergency vehicles to show up without their sirens blaring.  But then I remembered what was happening [...]

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Thanks Ray

Downtown Greensboro, Inc. head Ray Gibbs is leaving on June 1st according to the Business Journal. This city owes that man a debt of gratitude that would be difficult to overstate.  While it could be said that Ray was simply in the right place at the right time when he started his work back in [...]

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A love story between the lines…

I noticed an abbreviated version of this article in this morning’s N&R, headlined: “Georgia woman who fell into grave files lawsuit” I hope, with every fiber of my being, that I will be fortunate enough to have the same reason for joining a lawsuit as the woman’s 92 year-old husband, who claims “…the accident has [...]

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Ed Cone envy

Ed Cone has reached a blogging nirvana of sorts and I am jealous. Only a blogger who has reached a certain pinnacle of success and total readership will ever get to experience the satisfaction that must come with having your every word scrutinized within its own category on one blog (which has increased Sam’s own readership, I’m sure) and so [...]

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Flying with Billy

The N&R’s Maria Johnson provides a wonderful profile of Billy “The Blogging Poet” Jones and his Streetplane on the cover of today’s Life section. JR provides a link to Tom Lassiter’s video of Billy. (This post has been edited)

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She calls it “Malignant Narcissism”

And I have to agree. Sue has a serious post about the state of the local blogoshere.  She asks… “How sad. How ugly. How un-Greensboro-like. Is our serious blogging over?” I, too, have noticed that some local blogs and commenters therein have taken a turn to the nastier side.

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