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Green and Issacson on Green

Reporter Jordan Green weighs in on Wharton’s criticism of his recent Yes!Weekly article about developers and politics in Greensboro.  Green says this about the point of view of his article… “…My approach with this story was a bit unorthodox in that I clearly took a stance: It’s a broadside. I’m as interested in provoking a discussion [...]

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License plate # DUBLHUNG – pt2

Previously. Let me be clear: should you lose or otherwise be relieved of your checkbook - don’t walk, but run, to your bank and put a ‘freeze’ on the account.  The first check was illegally passed out of my business account within two hours following the the taking of my truck.  Had I not immediately frozen my [...]

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She should only blog the good stuff about homelessness, I suppose…

Homelessness prevention advocate Cara Michele Forest is getting slapped down for blogging about being a homelessness prevention advocate by the Homelessness Prevention Coalition of Guilford County of which she is a member.  Says GPCGC president Karen Briggs… “I have received a complaint about your blog and it’s being linked to the HPCGC website.  Please remove [...]

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Green on questionable local campaign finances

Yes!Weekly’s Jordan Green has published an excellent, in-depth, and troubling treatise on the relationships between Greensboro’s development community and the campaign finances of the Greensboro City Council. Again Green and the paper for which he works are leading the way in investigative reporting for the local market.  If you haven’t yet read it, you should.  Twice. [...]

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An entrance to a parking lot?!?!?

I second David Wharton’s opinion regarding former N&R editor Irwin Smallwood’s idea on what to do with War Memorial Stadium as published in today’s paper. “…Mr. Smallwood is proposing to take a still useful and much-used stadium, and make of it a “useless monument” that its makers disavowed. I mean, the entrance to a parking [...]

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Willow Oaks – no end in site

Rhino Times attorney Seth Cohen to the City of Greensboro… ….we received a copy of an opinion letter by the law firm of Conner Gwyn Schenck, PLLC, dated May 18, 2007. Based upon this letter… it has become more apparent that the City has, in fact, violated Article I, Section 32 of the North Carolina [...]

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A blog to replace her fax machine…

I could not be more pleased that TD Bellamy-Small has started a blog.  For a city council person who, before this, would only communicate through written questions sent via fax machine, a weblog could become an almost cathartic medium.  I hope she keeps it up. Contrary to what others might think of her because of [...]

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License plate # DUBLHUNG

“Mr. Hoggard, you should never leave your keys in your…” “Please just stop right there“, I said to the twenty-something-year-old UNCG policeman, “I really don’t want a lecture right now.  I’m 51 years old, so please, just take my report and go about your business of getting my truck back.”  I felt that if I didn’t [...]

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An annual right of passage…

Yearbooks were delivered at Grimsley High School yesterday.  This event traditionally marks the beginning of the academic silly season for most schools because from here on out, the classroom activities will be much more about watching movies and socializing with friends than with any actual learning.  But, hey… we’ve got to get those 180 mandatory [...]

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What if Guilford County’s top leadership vanished?

As promised, I expanded on my dark, ‘what if’, thinking following last Wednesday’s “One Guilford” leadership symposium for my bi-weekly N&R column, which appeared in print yesterday. Turns out, I wasn’t the only person in the audience who has such a twisted imagination.  I spent some time on Lake Townsend last Saturday with Councilwoman Sandy Carmany [...]

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