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Kern for mayor?

I really enjoyed the political schmoozing before and after Wednesday’s meeting and was especially glad to run into two of my city recent council picks while eating pastries and drinking Starbucks at HPU:  Jim Melvin and Milton Kern. Jim, I’m sure, just got a good laugh from my tongue-in-cheek recommendation.  Kern, however, had a different reaction to [...]

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High Point bombing: change under fire

While I take no serious issue with everything that has been said about Wednesday’s ‘One Guilford’ leadership symposium, I had one overriding, albeit macabre, thought as I sat there marvelling at such an extraordinary assemblage of Guilford County’s leadership. What if some terrorist had learned of the meeting and decided to “think globally, but act locally” and found [...]

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Aycock people

Don’t you wish you lived in the Aycock Historic District?  Sure you do.  Why?  Interesting people, that’s why… such as my neighbor two doors down.  You know… that archeologist that was on the front page of this morning’s N&R.  Name of Shawn Patch.

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WMS – a grassroots initiative?

Maybe it is time for interested and concerned parties to take control of War Memorial Stadium’s future like they did in Birmingham.  The remarkable ESPN article describes exactly what could happen if enough people set their minds to preservation of historic stadiums… “In an age when we knock down historic, beloved ballparks and spend $500 million [...]

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…and the band is windin’ low

My dad was the founding director (1955 – 1974) of the most excellent Larue County High School “Band of Hawks” in Hodgenville, Ky.  Before that he was a jazz man and blew his tenor tax with an airy tone that I, a second generation tenor player, could never quite duplicate. The current band director of the [...]

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War Memorial in the other news

WFMY’s Frank Mickens called after reading this report on my blog.  Frank has followed and reported on the saga of War Memorial Stadium for years and has always done a damn fine job of it. We met in front of the old stadium on Saturday to let the TV viewing public in on what may be [...]

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Green on Canada Dry

In an upcoming article for Yes!Weekly, Jordan Green – as is his way – does some real investigative reporting on the city’s possible purchase of the old Canada Dry building. Previously on the market for $3.2M, the price has now been lifted to $3.7M.  City Manager Mitch Johnson, however, is balking at the new price [...]

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Rumors of Disney… continued

Me too, Ed.  Stewart and Nicole with WGHP-TV also caught up with me downtown this morning and I agreed to an interview wearing, of course, a Double Hung t-shirt.  I told them I can engage in rumor mongering with the best of ‘em and would be happy to help.  I originally wrote my bi-weekly N&R column about the Disney/Greensboro [...]

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The demolition plan for War Memorial Stadium

During this past Wednesday’s meeting of the Greensboro Parks & Rec Commission, of which I am vice-chair, we were presented with the city’s proposal on what to do about War Memorial Stadium following the defeat of a $5.5M bond to renovate the site in November.  The documents are these (click to enlarge)… Above are city [...]

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Troublemaker:  “Greensboro Police responded to a break in at 702 West Cornwallis Drive. That is the home of City Attorney Linda Miles. The alleged robbery took place yesterday afternoon and inside sources have reported that the only thing reported missing was a computer.”

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