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Western Guilford incident

12:26p I just got a call from a parent about Western Guilford High School.  A student sent a text message saying the school is in lock down. 12:28 I called Ben Holder to see what he could find out.  12:32 Ben called right back with this report: There was a person on campus with a weapon [...]

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Matt Brown vs NR and City Council

The Inside Scoop’s coverage of The Canada Dry affair includes a letter (in the comments) that Coliseum Director Matt Brown sent to reporter Margeret Banks criticizing some aspects of her reporting of Tuesday night’s council meeting on the possible acquisition. In his letter to Banks, Brown points out what he thought were some unfair statements and [...]

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Three people who should run for City Council

I generally post my N&R column early in the morning of the day it shows up in print but just didn’t have the time yesterday.  So, to the paper’s print subscribers, this post is yesterday’s news. Over the past several weeks I have had a whole slew of people call, email, and otherwise communicate their [...]

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Downtown speculation

Disney?  In Greensboro? Sean takes a dim view of the prospect, to put it mildly.  As for me, I kind of like the sound of it.

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Canada Dry returns

The old Canada Dry building that is adjacent to the Greensboro Coliseum is getting ready to be back in the news.  Tomorrow night our City Council will consider, again, whether or not to purchase the place. Long mentioned as a possible site for the ACC Hall of Fame, the N&R has forwarded some rumors that another [...]

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A dimmer view of fluorescent bulbs

Cone is keeping up with Rep. Pricey Harrison’s efforts to make incandescent bulbs go the way of the dinosaur. A laudable thing on many levels.  But I, and other romantics, will have a problem with it because this phrase will be all but lost if Pricey gets her way: “Dim the lights, honey…” I placed [...]

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Leatherheads in Greensboro

 Update: Wharton has more pictures and my same sentiments regarding the irony of it all. “Do I need to comment on the irony in the fact that the old stadium’s charm has managed to attract the attentions of two major Hollywood productions (Bull Durham and Leatherheads), but Greensboro’s own citizens were not willing to put [...]

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Run for the Roses

This is Derby Week. Jinni and I have been hosting a Kentucky Derby Party for nearly 20 years and the 133rd Run for the Roses is this Saturday. The preparations have been ongoing all week which is really just our excuse to get some serious spring cleaning/sprucing up done. All of the activity on the [...]

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