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Our secret Santa?

I got to thinking about the super-secret downtown mega-project that took Mayor Holliday’s breath away when he was given a look-see. I know the rumor mill suggests that our mysterious developer/suitor hails from Florida, but does anyone remember a man named Donald P. Cogsville?  I wrote a N&R column last August inviting him to invest his [...]

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If any candidate ever needed a weblog?……

Update:  Come to find out, Kevin Green has a blog after all and a new website.  Hopefully his blog will soon be used in lieu of a “full page ad” to explain things. Listen, I’ve met newly-minted City Council candidate Kevin Green only once in my life.  He seemed like a fine fellow and his community [...]

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Changes for Whirlie football

Grimsley’s football coach Todd Shuping resigned Monday.  Bummer.  Offensive coordinator Mark Saunders was appointed interim head coach and has applied for the position.  That certainly cancels out the bummer. Saunders is the man.  It was his offensive strategies that propelled the Whirlies into a championship trajectory over the past three years.  Go Whirlies, again.

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Questions for the candidate

Update: Doug Clark… “…This is very simple: If you’re a city employee, you don’t get involved in political activities at work. Update II: Allen Johnson… “Brown needs to back off of his new role as political kingmaker. And maybe the city needs to change its rules to remove all doubt about what’s appropriate and what [...]

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Kevin Green: Candidate or crony?

Local realtor Kevin Green is running for an at large seat on the City Council, but his campaign is getting off to a bumpy start.  In an un-posted article in today’s N&R, reporter Margaret Banks lets us in on a couple of emails that hint at political cronyism. Green is president of the Greensboro Regional [...]

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Schlosser on Revolution Mill… again

In a follow up article about the planned $130M redevelopment of the 75 acre Cone Mills district on Yanceyville Street, N&R reporter Jim Schlosser focuses on the controversial location for the city’s new Buffalo Creek sewer outfall and the potential for damage that could occur because of it. (My previous coverage) Schlosser quotes City Water [...]

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Our summer… so far

Our three children all had overlapping travel plans during the first weeks of summer vacation leaving their parents here to keep the home on fire (or however that saying goes). One day last week I called my Jinni during the middle of the day to say ‘hey’.  I asked, “whatcha doin’“.  Her reply lamented the realization [...]

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Old Greensboro neighborhoods – in the news

Update: Wharton agrees.  A great feature article on local historic districts can be found in the ‘Homes’ section of today’s N&R.  The online version adds a photo gallery depicting life and architecture in Greensboro’s older neighborhoods.  They also added a set of buying tips for first-time buyers of older homes.  I say ‘first-time’, because those [...]

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Houston. We have a budget.

I can’t say that I am overjoyed by the all of the particulars of the County’s budget as passed last night, because a few of my oxen were gored in the process; namely school funding and an historic preservation position.  But it seems that the bipartisan ‘gang-of-six’ commissioners who held together to adopt the budget [...]

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N&R article misses the point

On Monday I received a call from Revolution Mill Studios, LLC.  Late in the day I met with managing partner Jim Peeples to hear what was concerning him. Having little time to write and post about what I discovered, I contacted the N&R to see if they might be interested in covering the story that I [...]

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