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Sicko film shows need for change

Update: Fred asked in an email if I would post some counterpoint to my take on ‘Sicko’ from the NY Post’s Kyle Smith.  Happy to oblige.  Apparently my comments are kicking a lot of people out.  I’ll fix that.  Send an email to if you are having trouble. ********************* One thing I found out last [...]

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Into the wild blue yonder…

JR gives us an update on the high-flying exploits of former N&R city beat reporter Matt Williams.

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Local internet concern,, gets a fine write-up in this week’s Yes!Weekly. Reporter Amy Kingsley spent some time with the principals of the organization and opened her article with some familiar ”lofty language“. “Right now we’re seeing the paradigms change,” said Ross Myers, the vice president of business development. “We’ve taken on the great macro-democratic institutions.” Site here, blog [...]

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YesWeekly on WMS: “…Let the hipsters have it”

Fully realizing I’m a week late, I had to point to Yes!Weekly’s editorial stance on the future of War Memorial Stadium, which appeared in their June 5th issue.  And a fine stance it is… “… promises were made, both to neighborhood residents and preservationists, that this old ballpark would not cease to be a live [...]

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What does a first year teacher know anyway?

The N&R’s Jeri Rowe files his final report on Ferndale Middle School teacher Kate Finch who offered up an impression of her first year in the trenches… “I just feel like it’s just so much junk and garbage.  I heard someone talking about private school kids are more well-rounded than public school kids. But daggonit, public [...]

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Education is yours forever

I was otherwise indisposed when my N&R column ran this past Wednesday and unable to post it online for those of you who don’t get the print edition of the paper (mainly, though, this is for my parents in Kentucky). It has been a busy and emotional week what with all the truck drama and our [...]

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“Demoralized” and a “bloodbath”

“A f…..g bloodbath“, is how one N&R insider described happenings down on Market Street according to Ed Cone’s ever-expanding coverage of yesterday’s painful employee cuts at our local daily. Another of Ed’s background sources offers this… “…most reporters at the paper were demoralized well before today by management’s incapability to do the things on the Web site [...]

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Truck recovered – but torn all to hell

Sorry for the silence. My Roadrunner service went out Sunday night and just now getting it back on. Might be time to change carriers with that kind of service. My stolen truck saga ended yesterday with a flourish. The N&R’s Eric Townsend called today to confirm that the truck that was involved in a bizarre, [...]

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