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Not ready for prime time… or… I’m glad I have my own printing press

 Below is a column I wrote for publication in Wednesday’s N&R. After receiving it, editorial head Allen Johnson called with some concerns about the content.  He rightly pointed out that much of what I wrote is speculative in nature and that he was reticent to publish these speculations. I told him I understood completely and [...]

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“A clear vision” now online

When the Triad Business Journal’s profile of my company, Double Hung, LLC, was first published back in March, it was not available online.  Now it is.

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Anytown at 20

The N&R’s portrait of the NCCJ Piedmont Triad’s Anytown camp today gave me a much better understanding of why 16 year-old daughter Josie seemed a little more grown up when she got off the bus today. She had just returned from 20th rendition of the weeklong program in Blowing Rock.  After reluctantly agreeing to attend, if only as a [...]

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Pipeline vs Mill, cont’d

The N&R’s Jim Schlosser is following the dynamite blasts for Greensboro’s new sewer line that is now winding its way through Latham Park.  But today’s article also gives us an update on where they aren’t blasting… “Revolution Mill Studios …has persuaded the city to delay blasting 8 feet from a 1915 mill warehouse. …Engineers for [...]

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Dots that needed connecting

If comments can be an indicator of what nerves are touched by a blog post, then this outstanding Troublemaker entry is on to something very big, and very bad. (Just an observation – but to me, Ben H.’s and Jerry B.’s writing styles are, at times, almost indistinguishable.)

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Unintended child neglect

I can relate to the unidentified woman in this N&R story whose 2 year-old was discovered roaming the streets unattended yesterday. One day, many years ago, we couldn’t find our at-the-time 3 year-old daughter Josie in the house.  Jinni thought I had her and I thought Jinni had her.  After feverishly looking checking every room, [...]

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Worth his retainer in gold

Here’s what I think about Tolly Carr’s well-publicized offer to speak with school kids about the consequences of drunk driving… that is, after he exits the court of deftly-manipulated public opinion and some well-deserved jail time. Locke Clifford is one hell of a smart attorney.

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A dirty job…

Are you watching David Wharton and his daughter as they renovate the bedroom? Day one, two, three, four, and five.

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Use Wendover to get to work?  Walk this morning.

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Small efforts

I completely agree with today’s N&R editorial about the effort to recall Councilwoman Bellamy-Small as being ”unnecessary” and the Pulpit Forum’s worn-out take (via Cone) on the whole thing as not making sense. The August 21st recall election is a waste of effort and the Pulpit Forum’s reaction to it is a waste of racially divisive words [...]

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