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Candidates, feel free to take my ideas

The other day, when I told Rhino editor and mafia hit-target John Hammer about my decision not to run for a council seat, again, this time around, he summed up my thinking and reasoning for sitting this one out.  “You’d go out of business.”, said he. I don’t know if it would come to that [...]

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PGI Watch List

“…the city continues to lose historic buildings and places at an alarming rate.” So says Preservation Greensboro’s Benjamin Briggs whose new blog posts the historic properties that have made this year’s “Greensboro’s Treasured Places” watch list.  There are ten listed.  All important.  All in danger of demolition; either by neglect or more overt measures.

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Bath restoration

OK.  I’m back.  But really out of sync. I found that the tiny hamlet of Bath, while possessing gracious people and oodles of history, is woefully lacking in the internet connection department.  After the first few days of unsuccessfully trolling for a wi-fi spot, I finally said to hell with it and resigned myself to the [...]

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Taking on Bath

Double Hung, LLC is headed to the coast. Back in October, a lady from Bath, NC discovered our services and rang me up.  Seems she was part of a grassroots effort to save her old high school from the wrecking ball.  Bath High School was built in the 1920′s and occupied until 1989 when a [...]

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Lenslinger (almost) lost his leash on life.  (That boy sure can write)

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Double Hungs around the world

I have found that t-shirts bearing my company’s logo are becoming a sought-after item.  There’s something about the name Double Hung that seems to appeal to some of the more, um… shall we say… dirty minded among us.  I will admit here the double entendre’ was quite intentional. But my company’s slogan, “Don’t replace… repair“, [...]

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