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Bring back the human sprinkler

The last time Greensboro was under such heavy water restrictions in 2002, my Jinni came up with a plan to make a few bucks off of the whole thing. She placed an ad in the N&R advertising herself as “The Human Sprinkler”.  A short article about her exploits subsequently ran in the N&R and then [...]

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Can men cook?

Yes.  Men CAN cook and a bunch of us proved it yesterday. In its 6th year as a fundraiser for The Women’s Resource Center, Men who Can Cook put on quite a spread for the 400 or so attendees.  This was my fourth year of pulling together a recipe then attempting ingredient multiplication to make [...]

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Renick’s standards

Dr. James Renick in 1999: “…You won’t have to second-guess me. I have very high standards…” Oh really. This is just pitiful.

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This is just not the way it is done around here.

Although I agree that it is time for Greensboro’s mystery mega-project to emerge from the closet, I find it interesting that those who are usually doing the moving and shaking around here are being left on the sidelines with this one. Today’s lead N&R editorial tells us that our anonymous suiter is even keeping Robbie Perkins [...]

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Stuck in the middle with you…

I have had some interesting background emails concerning my N&R column that delved into the Cone/Blue Cross skirmish.  None of it has been kind to Blue Cross who seems to be emerging as the bad guy in the current flap here in Greensboro. I’ll publish them if they give permission, but until then….  Here’s what [...]

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Health care childishness

Tim Rice of Moses Cone Health Systems and Bob Greczyn of BCBS North Carolina are duking it out on the editorial pages of the N&R.  And it ain’t pretty.  One thing that struck me was the miles of separatation represented in these two statements… Rice: “…BCBS has fallen far behind other insurance companies and we simply [...]

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Aycock NNO BBQ

The Aycock Neighborhood really made the news yesterday. I had to leave town around 2:00p, but not before stoking up the old pig cooker around 8:30a and placing 16 Boston butts on it to slow cook.  Several neighbors pulled together a great meal that was the draw for Aycock’s National Night Out masses.  Our event, which also included a [...]

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In lieu of a press conference….

 I received an interesting communication from the City of Greensboro today.  Entitled “Items for your information August 3rd, 2007” the originator is City Manager Mitch Johnson. The thing that struck me about it was that some of the items addressed were very blog-centric, meaning, some of the issues Johnson addresses arose from being merely lowly blog posts to the level of an official [...]

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My 13 year-old world traveler

Our 13 year-old Jesse leaves for a two-week journey to parts south today.  I’m not talking Florida here, but really south.  As a matter of fact, he’s going so far south that he will get to experience winter in July. Guilford County School’s spanish immersion program has been the springboard for some great adventures for the [...]

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Joe Wilson: “This city is for sale”

District 3 City Council candidate Joe Wilson, on his blog… (links added by me) “Margeret (sic) Banks, unofficial cheerleader for several  insider candidates in the race placed a link on her blog to Zack Metheny’s  fundraiser . It had a list of sponsors that looked like a roster of everyone that had ever appeared in front [...]

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