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Trouble in Stenchville

Fecund Stench has some harsh, not-safe-for-work words for himself after getting a self-taught landlording lesson.  Sez Fec, ”I miss my Mexicans.”

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High Point nooses

School Board member Deena Hayes is responding predictably over four nooses that were recently discovered and removed at Andrews High School.  In the HP Enterprise she is calling for, “non-minority leaders in this community (to) speak up and let the African-American community in High Point know where you stand.”. Announced school board candidate E. C. Hey thinks Hayes [...]

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It is just soooo obvious.

Oh Ma Ga.  The mother of all local media conspriracies is playing out in the “A” section of today’s N&R.  It is just so obvious. On A-1, reporter Margaret Banks gives space to the petition started in a local restaurant to remove our city manager.  Within the article, Mayor Holliday defends Mitch Johnson for the upteenth [...]

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Big questions, wierd answers

OK, I have no idea how Margaret Banks framed the questions to our 13 at-large City Council candidates for today’s N&R.  But if it occured as presented, then there’s some real wierdness afoot. There were two questions and answers presented so, I’d imagine, Margaret asked the first one thusly, “What ‘big idea’ should voters remember [...]

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Letting go, for now

Where Johnson, Miles, Hinson, Ahearn, RMA’s management and the entire City Council to be found out – through actual evidence – that they are part of a vast Simpkins-wing conspiracy and sentenced to a public flogging, some among us would complain that the whip was made of rawhide that was too soft. Where it to be [...]

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My N&R Columns

My bi-weekly N&R column is due into Allen Johnson’s inbox by noon on Monday but I realize that I’ve not yet posted the last one.  As a part of the N&R online revamp, they have graciously included space for my offerings. As the son of a band director, I have a special appreciation for the [...]

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Back in the groove…

OK.  I have gone in and deleted all of the comment spam to herald the official resumption of postings on this here blog. Thanks to everyone for your continued background inquiries as to my and my family’s well being.  Everyone is fine… just very busy. For the folks back in Kentucky:  Josie got her driver’s [...]

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