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Nothing could be greener

A big focus of Preservation North Carolina’s annual conference last week had to do with sustainable ”green” building techniques.  This concept is what preservationists are all about sense historic preservation is the ultimate in recycling.  Or, as conference keynote speaker Carl Elefante, AIA put it… “The greenest building is… one that is already built.” (pdf file)

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Simpkins PAC endorsements Part 1

This is going to cause Dr. Guarino’s head to explode.  Ben apparently got a sneak peak at the endorsements that will appear in tomorrow’s Carolina Peacemaker, for which he writes articles from time to time I ran into a member of the Simkins PAC yesterday who was headed over to last night’s endorsement meeting in Steve [...]

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Those ugly vinyl windows

David Wharton found someone who despises vinyl replacement windows almost as much as I do.  As I said during my presentation at Preservation North Carolina’s conference last week, most vinyl window salesmen will lie like a dog to make a sale. The new mantra among the preservation community is this: “No maintenance means they can’t be repaired.” Don’t replace [...]

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Keep the date

If you’ve always wanted to dig in the dirt where there’s a pretty good chance of finding buried treasure, then join the Aycock Neighborhood on May 17th of next year and get your hands dirty. The N&R’s Jim Schlosser all the details.

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Preaching the Double Hung gospel

Starting tomorrow, I am taking a couple of breaks from fixing old windows to do my bit for educating people on the ways and economics of historic restoration. Preservation North Carolina’s annual conference begins tomorrow in Raleigh and I will be one of the presenters (brochure, pdf file).  Seems I have become a “preservation specialist” and an [...]

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City Council Non-Endorsements

I got a voicemail this evening from N&R head editorialist Allen Johnson apologetically explaining why he can’t run the column I submitted this week.  Previously unbeknown to me, Allen belatedly let me know they have a long-standing policy against allowing local columnists to endorse candidates. I need to get me one them thar N&R policy manuals [...]

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Converging on the hungry

According to Cara Michelle, Friday night’s ConvergeSouth BBQ was a hit all around Greensboro.

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Milton Kern on the courthouse steps

Greensboro mayoral candidate Milton Kern will hold a news conference at McDonald Plaza tomorrow morning @ 10:00a.  Although the subject of the event isn’t known, I’d imagine the subject will fit into one of the following two possibilities… 1.  He will announce he is withdrawing from the race… or 2. He will announce the kickoff [...]

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ConvergeSouth – all good (except for…)

ConvergeSouth was, again, a great event organized by some great people.   Even though I am loath to single out any of the many worker bees who made this year’s edition such a success, a special “job well done” goes out to Sue, Ben, Ed and jw who seemed to be everywhere at the same time. I attended [...]

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Wade’s attack ads

In light of three recent ads in the Rhino Times, SHF asks, “Can Trudy Wade sleep nights?” The ads quote snippets of blog posts that Sandy Carmany has made in the past and uses those snippets to bolster the claims made in the published attacks.  It’s probably an effective strategy to woo some portion of [...]

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