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As others see us…

After walking a spell down Greensboro’s streets with Chicagoan Blair Kamin, PGI Director Benjamin Briggs gives his take on furthering our downtown redevelopment:  “Let’s use our own homegrown success as our pattern for the future of our downtown. South Elm Street is one of our greatest treasures…we should work towards spread(ing) the wealth.”

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Converging on the pig

My Jinni kind of giggled last night after we discussed preparations for tomorrow night’s third annual, ConvergeSouth BBQ here at the Hoggard mansion in the center of the Aycock Historic Neighborhood.  I’ve been receiving periodic email updates on the attendee count for the event, which had been hovering around 110, of which we figure about a [...]

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Not very impressed

I went by my polling place in Aycock Middle School at 8:00 this morning to cast my primary vote.  Aycock is Greensboro’s precinct G01, meaning, it has been there a long, long time – in the same circa 1924 auditorium as it has always been. First thing I noticed was that campaign signs were stuck [...]

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Strange things indeed…

It was not Mitchell Johnson, nor the City Council, nor the N&R… but it was Wray himself who… “…ordered a third inivestigation of Hinson to be done by two former Internal Affairs officers, D.C. Thacker and D.A. Wyrick, hired back solely for that purpose.” Wray’s hand-picked hire-back investigators, whose “professionalism and capability were without question“, according [...]

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Dr. Terry Grier – Salesman of the Year

On the Chalkboard, GC School Board Member Garth Hebert recently gave his take on the sales ability of Superintendent Terry Grier… “…Terry does not do what the Board wants, he convinces the Board to want what he wants.” Meanwhile, over at Your Voice at the Table, our trusty N&R editorialists are asking people to weigh in [...]

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“A sustained smear campaign…”

I’m a little late in reading last week’s Yes!Weekly, but finally got around to it yesterday and it is always interesting to see how different reporters digest and impart widely available information.   Say what you will about Jordan Green’s take on happenings within the GDP – but it is obvious that he is keeping up with ALL [...]

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Prudish is as prudish does

Just so’s you know I am paying close attention to important matters I find posted on on… The N&R blog, Unbottoned, explores a most intriguing question that has, for decades, had me scratching my head regarding, …well, regarding the subject at hand…  I think the clinical term is ‘opportunistic buddy sex’, or something like that… “…As much [...]

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