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Gone silent, again

Looks like I’m back to stealth-mode blogging for a while longer.  Work is pressing like nobody’s business.  Well, maybe somebody’s business is pressing like Double Hung’s current – and future – workload, but it is all a bit overwhelming right now. In addition to ongoing projects on the UNCG and NCSU campuses and five or six [...]

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Blogfodder for 2008 and beyond

JW on statements by Rhino editor John Hammer admitting “minor errors” in reporting the details of the David Wray saga: “… How many “minor errors” are permitted per word count? Is there a formula that’s used?” Meanwhile, there is a great thread on the Rhino/Beldsoe/James/Fullmore lawsuit over at Cone’s repleat with editors and attorneys and other [...]

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Students Rule the Classroom

I had already decided to write today’s N&R column on the subject of school discipline (more accurately, the lack thereof) when this story hit the news last week.  I drew from my 2005 post on the matter, which was based on a disturbing but eye-opening essay entitled “Who Killed School Discipline” by Kay Hymowitz. Being the son of two [...]

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First Pres vs Fisher Park: Round 162

“They are diseased“, said a man when one of the Fisher Park protesters inquired as to why workers hired by First Presbyterian Church were removing two an ancient oaks across Elm Street from the sanctuary yesterday next to Fisher’s Grille.  “Well, you aren’t looking so good yourself… should I just go get a gun and treat [...]

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Deadlines, too

Just like Cone’s, the deadline for my bi-weekly N&R columns changed last week… or at least I think it did.  I received a call from Allen Johnson last Tuesday asking me to submit by noon on Friday to fill my 580-word space for the following Wednesday’s edition – a five day lag time.  He didn’t [...]

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Giants in Greensboro?

I first marvelled at these trees about five years ago when I went to visit a friend off Greenbrook Drive here in Greensboro.  I had never seen anything quite like them and asked her what they were. “They are sequoia.”, she said proudly.  Or at least that’s what she has been told.  The two trees in [...]

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“Jesus Camp”

Coincidental to the Southern Baptist Convention’s convergence here in Greensboro, my three charges and I watched the 2006 documentary Jesus Camp last night.  My spawn were stuck between dumbfounded and bemusement.  It scared the hell out of me. The churchin’ I had growing up in Kentucky was of the Baptist variety and I guess looking back on it [...]

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If you’ve got twenty minutes on this Veteran’s Day holiday, spend it with the Marlboro Marine.  “Gut wrenching… Brain wrecking“  (via JR)

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Huey on Hebert on ‘public insurgence’

Future school board member E.C. Huey points to comments – great comments – made over at the N&R’s Chalkboard by current GC school board member Garth Hebert in response to a constituant’s questions.  Huey says of Hebert’s candidly refreshing answers… “…I believe this is the public insurgence we’ve been waiting to see. And I like [...]

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High School ‘free agency’

JR discusses yesterday’s remarkable front-pager about how easy it has become for Guilford County students to switch schools in order to play for certain athletic programs.  Grimsley High, my ‘neighborhood school’, was the most mentioned in Robert Bell’s article. In JR’s comments, Gr8ful Coach, whom I know knows quite well of what he speaks, says there’s [...]

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