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‘The Greensboro PAC’

Meblogin:  “…it is time for a new PAC in town…one that supports what is best for all Greensboro and not only special interests.”  What a damn fine idea.  Count me in. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to organize such a PAC among people with checks to write claiming to have the best interests of “all [...]

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Sue is:  “… troubled about the online community’s (what I consider to be) over-the-top reaction to the litmus test regarding candidacy and then chucking it all because “their favoriteâ€? gets endorsed by the same PAC they spent weeks and months disparaging…” I’ll put it more succinctly: Hypocritical, one and all.

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Wade on $60M: “Just a technicality”

Even though newly elected Councilwoman Trudy Wade won’t take office for a few more weeks, Allen Johnson took a pre-emptive, but well deserved, swipe at her obvious lack of understanding of Greensboro’s water related issues in this morning’s N&R. One can only hope that once she gets all of the facts in front of her, Wade [...]

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Josie’s eye

I ran across this photo daughter Josie took of her cousin last year.  Loved it then, love it now. More of her view of the world after the jump.

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What I used to do….

In a previous life I was a real-life Music Man having sold musical instruments on the road for nearly fifteen years.  Right out of college, I was fortunate enough to land a job with C. Bruno & Son selling my wares to music stores throughout east Tennessee and North Carolina.  At the time, 100+ year-old [...]

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All in the ‘hood, all in one week

People and activities from my ‘hood were in the N&R this week and I neglected to point them out. First, in the print version of this week’s Inside Scoop, Jeri Rowe scooped an upcoming feature in Yes!Weekly by telling of neighbor Jay Ovittore’s planned bid to unseat Rep. Howard Coble.  Although I didn’t see ex-neighbor Jeri [...]

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Grace vs the opposite of grace

Carmany:  “Whatever the reason for the final outcome , I will accept the voters’ decision with grace and move on with satisfaction, knowing that I have made a difference in this city and this region.” Amen to that. Compare and contrast Carmany’s post-loss response to depeat defeat with that of her vanquisher. 

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Get Grier…

… to stay here.  Pretty impressive.

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The City Commissioner Council

Congratulations are in order for the winners of last night’s City Council race.  It didn’t go exactly to my liking but four out of my five votes cast landed on a winner.  The overall makeup of our new council is a real shakeup in certain ways but in others it may turn out to be [...]

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Coming into focus

Joe Wilson, belatedly, on video on the issues. I wish I could vote for Joe, but alas…  District 2 is my home. In the at-large race, I’m really digging Bill Knight on some of the issues.  I’ve got some decisions to make for my three votes.  Perhaps the question I posed at Knight’s will give [...]

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