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Over the river…

… and through the woods, to the Land of Bourbon we go. We’ve loaded up the wagon and are headed to Kentucky to see family.  If I get a wild hair, I’ll post from the road… but don’t count on it until our return in time for the New Year.   In case you are interested, the [...]

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Double Hung – In the news, again

When my company, Double Hung, shows up in another town to fix another bunch of historic windows, many times local newspapers find our work interesting enough to do a story about the project.  It happened again up in Oxford last week where we had begun work on the Granville County Courthouse (1838). The Durham Herald [...]

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Another… and another… and another

I ran into a city council member while shopping today who said that Mitch Johnson has no choice but to handle the latest Greensboro criminal/personnel issue in the way it is being handled.  He told me that Johnson was going to respond to today’s N&R highly critical editorial in tomorrow’s pages.  Onliners needn’t wait for Johnson’s [...]

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First Impressions

At the Inside Scoop, MMB was liveblogging last night’s City Council meeting… “(Robbie) Perkins just delivered his third “I have to abstain” speech of the night! A new record!” Wharton watched on TV and says the way the new council counducts business, “…isn’t the way things were done before. As I said, more fun.“  Cara Michele, mainly [...]

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So much for transparency in city government

This just isn’t right.  Following the logic espoused by our city’s legal department, were the City Attorney and the Police Chief to be accused of raping the City Manager, it would be perfectly acceptable to keep the whole thing out of the public realm.  All the justification they’d need to clam up would be, ”…everyone involved in the [...]

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Let’s speak frankly on race, crime

Whispering among ourselves just doesn’t cut it.  It is mainly within white-on-white and black-on-black conversations that we are likely to express our unvarnished opinions, fears, criticisms, and derisions. Just like the old schoolyard charge of “she is talking behind your back”, when the discourse between races is something other than what we should be saying to [...]

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Whirlie rumble

Update: By all accounts, save for one, yesterday’s fracus was an old-fashioned rumble between kids from two neighborhoods and was not ‘gang related’.  However, nearly 24 hrs after the incident, WFMY’s headline still reads, irresponsibly,: “Two Students Charged in Grimsley Gang Fight“.  ********************* Big fight at Grimsley High School this morning.  The school’s automated notification system rang our [...]

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Apologies are called for…

….and, in the spirit of the Christmas season, surely they will come as N&R readers come to find out that NCA&T prefessor M. Resa Salami easily ‘out-Americans’ all of the self-righteous, Nifongeske, holier-than-thou, ’true-Americans‘ who slammed him publicly in the weeks after Salami was reported to have taken constitutional issue with being passively proselytized to by a Guilford [...]

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Holiday in the ‘hood

The new Greensboro Monthly Magazine features some neighborhood holiday traditions around the city.  The Aycock Neighborhood always figures prominently into such endeavors.  (A bunch of Aycock kids got together for the feature photo including our Jesse, upper left)

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I’m pleased our City Council is convening tonight for an “Emergency Meeting” to examine Greensboro’s escalating murder rate, but I’m afraid what they will hear from Chief Bellamy is that Captain Hastings’ got it right in today’s N&R:  There is not much our police can do to curb such random violence.  “If you have a pattern [...]

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