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Legal circles

What a mess.  Our City Council won’t be getting a “Black Book” background briefing from attorney Seth Cohen after all. School Board chairman Alan Duncan, aka legal counsel to our Council, advised that such a meeting would violate open meeting laws.  Presumably such a violation would be pursued via lawsuit from an interested and aggrieved party.  [...]

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Score one for the little guy

In January of ’07, David Wharton posted a video of one of the huge signs Office Depot erected at their new location of Church St. and Wendover (Update: Wharton).  Completely redundant and coyote ugly to boot they placed the internally lit monstrosity at the common entrance to both Aycock and Fisher Park historic neighborhoods.  Wharton’s post contains [...]

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GCS is headless

Dr. Grier is outahere… on his own time and his own terms despite the efforts of many to oust him through two election cycles.  I won’t be one of those who are likely to be celebrating this evening.  I actually liked the man – if not all of his policies.

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Catalytic murder

Not discounting or elevating the tragedy of an apparent murder recently visited upon the woman in tony New Irving Park, but the stark political reality is this:  That single incident probably did more to bolster the political will to finally shore up the ranks of our Police Department than all of the murders recorded in all of 2007. Of [...]

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A burning question

If the majority wisdom of our Board of Commissioners was that by separating the $45M to bebuild Eastern High School from the proposed $457M school construction bond bolster an unfettered sympathy vote to ensure Eastern’s rise from the ashes; to me, quite the opposite is true.  The move only highlighted a burning question in my mind:  Didn’t we [...]

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How to save art classes? High-stakes testing

 Or more succinctly, by destroying creativity via testing… Sometimes one’s snarkiness can get misconstrued.  That could happen upon reading the first part of today’s N&R column, so let me be clear on this point: high-stakes, standardized testing is doing great harm to the quality of education in our public schools and I think the whole [...]

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Rankin-King Farm

I had the opportunity to walk the grounds of Rankin-King Farm this past week and was as struck by the place as N&R reporter Jim Schlosser and photographer Joseph Rodriguez obviously were.  The term “frozen in time” was coined for places like that.  Rodriguez filed a wonderful photo essay that faithfully captures what was, as [...]

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Miles away?

From what the N&R was able to discern , it sounds to me like Councilman Methany initially got swept up by his anti-Miles collegues but then was subjected to a little ‘straighting out’ by unknown influences.  (Update: Holder has a theory) Although I agree with the previously assembled five voters that Miles should be moved on [...]

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Yes! to the Rhino Times

OK, time to fire this blog back up. After much discussion over at Cone’s, Spag’s, Ben’s and elsewhere about Yes!Weekly’s airing of the Bledsoe/Rhino Times’ source materials, Brian Clarey, the weekly’s editor, is drawing transparent battle lines between his camp and the Rhino’s. “We will be putting the interview tapes up on this blog after Part 2 [...]

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Moment of truth: Size 38 pants

The above title is what appeared above the print edition of my N&R column this morning.  The online edition, however, is entitled “Eat less and excercise more“.  Both are appropriate but the latter title captures the wisdom of my brother Keith in Kentucky (who got his simple weight loss plan from a radio station disc [...]

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