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She’s not here…

One comment really stuck in my mind from today’s news conference with the Reverends.  Someone in the audience asked something about Mayor Yvonne Johnson’s knowledge of the allegations as outlined in the press release. I believe it was Rev. Brown who made the point that our mayor is in Belgium for the week. If these allegations [...]

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The boiler plate paragraph is back

I’ll bet this is a tidbit you didn’t know about concerning the City’s renewed effort to buy the old Canada Dry propery next to the Coliseum.  N&R: “The Canada Dry property is owned by Susan Robinson, the wife of News & Record Editor John Robinson, and her brothers, W. Hardy Spence and Royall Spence III.” (I’m [...]

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Focus people

Being Greensboro and all, people are already retreating to their respective and familiar huddles over the allegations made by three black pastors this morning. But, before we go into full Johnson & Johnson hate mode, it would be a good idea to first focus on the meat of the matter, which Cone boils down to three [...]

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School climate change

Dave Ribar says loading our schools up with all of the recommendations put forth by Guilford County Schools’ 23 member task force on “school climate” will take away from other things… “…loading the schools up with so many policies, so many initiatives, and so many reports that no one is able to implement any of them effectively. It [...]

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Files gone

I, too, received the ominous, emailed, announcement posted over at Cone’s from Rev. Nelson Johnson et al. With such a titillating teaser, that’s one meeting I don’t think I’ll be able stay away from.  Update: N&R’s Margaret Banks apparently asked David Wray’s attorney Locke Clifford for a comment.  Clifford replied to Nelson Johnson’s expansive email contact [...]

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Cableing up

I have spent the last half hour looking for the cable that will effortlessly (kidding) allow me to transfer music from my laptop to my cell phone – a nice Qualcom/LG model. Looking through my drawer full of USB to whatever adaptors, I count nine of the little bastards.  None of them fit into the little [...]

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Double Hung on Fox 8

Update (side note): Although it is not a portion of the clip below, Brad related something on the air that I thought you might find interesting. We have been working on Peace College’s Main Building in Raleigh for several months now. Built in 1853, 98% of the structure’s original windows are still in service but [...]

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Cowardice or prudence?

I’ve been thinking about posting the full, unredacted version of the RMA report which I’ve had in my possession since Ben Holder disseminated it among Greensboro bloggers nearly two years ago.  Others are, too. The reason I’m hesitating is because I don’t want to face even the prospect of a fine or possibly jail time.  The [...]

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Cuts and slights at the N&R

Citing staleness of content, Anthony’s latest cartoon didn’t run in today’s N&R.  Shame, too, because I think I recognized myself in what may be his last Sunday appearance.  I can sympathize with the reasoning, though; it is hard to remain fresh and relevant among a fluid set of events.   Like me, Anthony still has one more opportunity [...]

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Parks & Rec issues

Memo from Greensboro Parks & Recreation Director Bonnie Kuester to the Parks & Rec Commission… “I wanted to let you know that the issues referred to in the media in the past 24 hours are in reference to a personnel matter.  As you know personnel matters can not be shared.  Thank you for your continued support.” (link [...]

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