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Breaking News!!!!

My garbage got collected on time, again, this morning.  Some of it fell out of the can and the garbage collector got out of his truck and picked it up.  Some people’s recycling cans weren’t emptied, but that was because they put them out on an off week. A neighbor got some stuff stolen from [...]

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Gotta go

This will sound abrupt.  But I am bowing back out of the Wray Fray for the time being. Since I jumped in last week starting with this post, I have spent untold time and untold energy trying to make sense of everything and attempting to articulate my opinion on a matter that is convoluted, divisive [...]

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A special day

Today is my Jinni’s birthday. Over the last year or so, I have acted more like I am married to my business than to the best, most beautiful woman on earth.  My birthday present to her is to publicly acknowledge that and reverse the trend.

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Sorry to disappoint

My much heralded last regular column is not in the N&R this morning.  My fault. My bad. I contacted AJ Monday morning and apprised him the I would not make my noon deadline, it was going to be more like 3:00 due to work commitments.  He was cool with that. After I sent it, I [...]

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A new Hogg

Thanks to Sue and Tech Triad, my blog is back to a form that is more to my liking.  There have been many well-deserved criticisms of the readability of the comments section also and those have been corrected. And, the new and improved pig is back.

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Mitch Johnson interview

Ryan over at GreensboroPolitics interviewed the city manager yesterday.  Johnson’s answers and demeanor match those I encountered on Sunday.  To wit… Ryan: “Does City Hall have a communications problem?” Mitchell: “Um…. Well, Um… I think based on, based on what’s…. I would say yes. We have not been effective getting a message out and communicating [...]

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Levity among the vitriol

Ben was quite busy yesterday and the result was well worth the effort (not safe for work or kids).  Funniest thing I’ve seen in forever and proof that we all might be taking ourselves too seriously.

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The root of the problem

N&R reporter Margaret Banks on what most everyone around here seems to agree is a serious communication problem down at City Hall and describes a “culture of evasion”. “Representatives of public bodies, including those at Greensboro City Hall, sometimes look for an “out” when it comes to fulfilling public records requests. …I find lack of cooperation by [...]

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Who is being transparent?

It might not make one iota of difference, but one thing that I am thoroughly convinced of regarding this whole mess – which is a reversal caused by my meeting with Johnson yesterday – is this:  The flap caused by the city’s failure to fulfill the N&R’s document request was not caused by either “intransigence or incompetence” [...]

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Half circle

On researching things for my upcoming column, I find it to be extraordinary how we got from here to here.  I’m going to need more than my normal 580 word limit.  Allen?

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