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Lighten up

I just received a call from Councilwoman Goldie Wells.  The entire conversation follows… “David, this is Goldie.  I just received a call saying that you had a meeting with Mitch.  Did he show you all of the documents?”  “No, Goldie,” said me, “Mitch and I just had a long conversation as any reporter would have [...]

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Meeting with Mitch Johnson

Ironically, I was on the phone with Ben as City Manager Mitch Johnson came by today.  Johnson had called a little earlier and asked if I could meet with him, asking, “…have you written your last column yet?”.  When I told him I had not, he said there are some things he would like to talk about. [...]

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Growing consensus

N&R editorial… “What Johnson and his staff seem unable to grasp is how their reluctance to provide timely information has undermined public confidence and steadily fed local rumor mills.  It also has embarrassed and frustrated the council, which has pledged it would lead with a greater emphasis on transparency. Council members also felt they were [...]

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Growing back pushing

Against the tide… over at Cone’s place, in response to a Roch Smith, Jr. comment, a fellow name of ‘william’ says this, emphatically, about line-up books that are kept in black binders… “The fact remains that there was no photographic line up or line ups of any white officers, even though Sanders states the victim said that [...]

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Growing discontent

The fallout from the latest information gap at City Hall will likely reign over us for days.  Here’s what I’ve found so far… Update: Spag unpacks Mitch Johnson’s mid-day statement (Word file) and ends with: “…The whole lot of them need to be replaced or the elected officials will certainly be replaced. I believe consensus has been [...]

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Help compose my final N&R column

I will be submitting my last regular N&R column this weekend.  Allen Johnson called earlier this week to gently tell me that the paper is eliminating paid local columnists due to budgetary considerations.  I told him I was certainly disappointed to be dropped but also acknowledged some relief as I’m just about bereft of the time [...]

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City hall has completely lost it

This is really getting ridiculous. Some time ago, the N&R’s Margaret Banks made a public records request for a particular document.  After much prodding, the city responded by saying no such document exists.  The very next day, the requested document is not only posted at the Troublemaker, but also appears on the front page of the [...]

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No commentary, just basketball

I don’t know how much longer it will last but we are watching the UNC/Duke game and THERE ARE NO ANNOUNCERS on Raycom’s HD broadcast. (15:02 in the first period)  I LOVE IT!  It is like being at the game.  We got all of the backround noises but none (cheering, coaches’ screeming, arena announcements) of the [...]

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Closed for renovation

As Ben recounts,  we went to lunch today.  Strangely, our first choice – The Barbeque Palace – was not available.  There was a sign on the door indicating they are “closed for renovation”, but when we peered in the door, the place didn’t look like renovations were either going on – or needed.  The establishment just [...]

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Let’s “request” it back…

Pay close attention to what is unfolding over at Cone’s place regarding zoning issues in Greensboro.  That’s where UNC Professor David Owens is saying… “In the case of the protest petition in Greensboro, the General Assembly in 1971 chose to exempt the city from the usual rule on protests. This is usually done by the [...]

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