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As others see us…

Although I’m on vacation in Florida for the week, I had to break blog silence to amplify a story in today’s N&R. N&R on Leatherheads, the movie… “…the preservation of historic structures such as the train depot and Greensboro’s War Memorial Stadium were what drew the film crew to North Carolina.” But, despite star Renee’ [...]

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Bill B. – “Can’t win without him”

Since I was interviewed and oft-quoted in Allen Johnson’s column about Bill “Rove” Burckley, I thought I’d add a little more to it. Allen was genuinely suprisise at Bill’s client list.  I wasn’t.  I’ve know for years that Bill would help anyone he thought he could; just for the asking and (in my case) for [...]

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In need of the larger neighborhood

The Aycock Neighborhood has a very active notification and information sharing listserv system.  Used for everything from reporting suspicious activity to mobilizing residents for public policy input to finding a dependable roofer, we are probably one of the most connected neighborhoods in the city. Yesterday, however, a notice came across our neighborhood wire that demands a wider [...]

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A once great Avenue…

… will be great again if the voters approve the money for Summit Avenue corridor improvements.  But first the issue has to actually get placed on the ballot.  As Wharton’s video clearly explains, some dedicated people have been working on this project for many years. The Aycock Neighborhood is mobilizing residents to attend every one of the [...]

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Equally tragic, unequally outraged

Winston Salem incident… Chapel Hill incident.  Both apparently senseless and random with no suspects in either case. Compare and contrast the media coverage of both killings during the next hours, days and weeks.

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“Operation Wetback”

I received an email entitled “Hoover and Eisenhower” which outlined those respective presidents’ efforts to deal with waves of illegal immigration from Mexico from previous eras.  I had never heard about the repatriation projects and thought the details might well be an urban myth because what was described was so, how shall I say… politically incorrect by [...]

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All children left behind

A letter to the editor in today’s N&R was as compelling as any I have ever read about the quickly degrading ‘climate’ in our public schools.  Making the case that “learning has become painful“, 25-year veteran teacher William Toth says… Guidance counselors and curriculum coordinators cannot do the jobs they’re trained for because they are [...]

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The Albright House

Preservation Greensboro’s Benjamin Briggs has the skinny on what may turn out to be one of Greensboro’s oldest structures.  The Albright House, across from Friendly Center, is to be transformed into the headquarters for The Junior League of Greensboro, Inc.  I visited the building for the second time yesterday to refine the scope of work [...]

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App on lockdown

 Update: Nevermind Appalachian State University’s website is the go to source for information on a reported gunman on campus… 5:52pm Emergency Alert Update: The suspect remains at large. Classes for the evening of March 3, 2008 are cancelled. There have been no shots fired and no injuries reported. Campus personnel remaining on campus are asked [...]

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MS13 was here

I somehow landed on the police department’s email notification list and get several incident reports throughout the day.  Sometimes I look at them, sometimes not.  This one, received overnight, alarmed me: Crime/Incident: Home Invasion Robbery Location: 910 Meadowood St. Time/Date: 3/02/2008 @ 1700 hrs. Prepared by: L. T. Mullinax At the above time and date, [...]

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