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Stung by Skybus

Four Hoggards are holding now-worthless tickets to whatever airport that now-bankrupted airline Skybus touted as being close to New York City.  We were to have traveled up there in September along with some friends to gawk at skyscrapers and take in a show or two over Labor Day weekend.  Total roundtrip fare for four: $400 and [...]

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Crawford gets an “F” in honesty

Roch Smith, Jr. on plagiarized information found on Guilford County School Board candidate David Crawford’s Myspace page…  “…Guilford County students get Fs for plagiarism. What was Crawford thinking?” Answer: He wasn’t.  And somebody needs to inform the man that the seat he is seeking this go ’round doesn’t carry with it the authority to levy taxes. Crawford’s proclivity to run for [...]

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Free Pop Kohanowich

From an emailed GPD press release on the arrest of  Alexander “Pop” Kohanowich during last week’s Obama rally near the Greensboro Coliseum… “… the Department has received an inordinant number of inquiries regarding the circumstances surrounding the arrest.  Therefore, the Department is conducting a review of the arrest and will provide a statement regarding that review when it is [...]

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