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Men Can Cook

This Saturday, 50 local notable fellas will exhibit their culinary skills for the 7th annual ‘Men Can Cook’ fundraiser in support of The Women’s Center of Greensboro. Son Jesse will share the Hoggard table’s workload and billing in our 4th year of helping raise money for one of Greensboro’s finest organizations.  We’ve tried several different dishes [...]

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Asheboro’s non-Christians slammed

Update: Dr. Rogers has explained and apologized over at Doug Clark’s blog, “I regret that and if they have created ill feelings, then I only ask you forgive me for not making them clearer..”  I extend my regrets right back to the Reverend and ask for his forgiveness as well. “If there’s going to be reconciliation [...]

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Swim center advocacy and a quandry

Yours truly figures heavily into today’s N&R article on the upcoming $20M Parks & Rec bond referendum. With semi-intelligent sounding quotes like, “The reasoning is out there, the justification is out there, … It’s going to be a matter of getting it understood and explained correctly.”, I am setting myself up as one of the [...]

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A new Lowe

It only seems fair that judge Henry Frye, Jr. should treat Sydney Lowe, Jr.’s accomplice with similar leniency as the Wolfpack-connected A&T student/felon. Apparently the main difference between the two cases is that Lowe, Jr.’s daddy was able to pay a decent lawyer to get his son’s several prior misdemeanor charges dismissed.  Martin’s failure to properly ‘lawyer up’ likely resulted in his [...]

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“Who’s playing the race card?”

Yes! Weekly’s Jordan Green continues the alt-weekly’s full frontal assault on “…Jerry Bledsoe, The Rhinoceros Times and a Greek chorus of local bloggers (who) have openly pursued a goal of overturning the official narrative surrounding the Wray affair“.  Noting that, “…events continue to unfold in contradiction to their thesis“, Green points out something that has [...]

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If I can stay up that late…

…I’m down with Robbie Perkins and Scoop on the Council crawl, but make mine a Bourbon and branch.

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Time to sink or swim… again

Even as late as 5 minutes before last night’s City Council session, my conversations with some Council members led me to think there was little chance that any kind of swimming pool would find its way onto the November ballot.  The unanimous decision to include a $10M pool in the $20M Parks & Rec bond shows what I [...]

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Lighthouse window restorations: free for the asking

I must say that this is a pretty clever marketing campaign: “JELD-WEN Invites Public to Help Select the Nation’s Most Reliable Lighthouse for Restoration“.  All one needs to do is vote for your favorite lighthouse from this list of “finalists” and the structure with the most votes will “win new JELD-WEN windows and doors“.  Isn’t that just lovely? North Carolina’s [...]

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City Council to P&R Commission: “Shove it”

I suppose that $20 million is as good a reason as any to fire this blog back up. Although I missed Monday night’s “sometimes-acrimonious debate” about a proposed Parks & Recreation bond for this November’s ballot, I was deeply involved in what was definitely not what today’s N&R editorial describes as a “faulty process of [...]

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