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Point of reference

Jinni and I were discussing our favorite Paul Newman movies yesterday after hearing of his death.  Our 17 year-old Josie was listening in, and finally said… “Oh, it was an actor who died today.  I thought it was the salad dressing guy.“

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Police silent, neighborhood buzzing

An officer from the Greensboro Police attended last night’s meeting of the Aycock Neighborhood Board of Directors and reported the following about the murder and fire on Summit Avenue… 1. The surviving victim, Deborah Moy, had to have her legs amputated due to the severity of the burns she suffered. 2. The police have not [...]

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That’s billion with an “m”

I had to do a double take upon reading the bold headline on the front page of today’s N&R: Fed OK’s $85 million loan to rescue AIG. If only the taxpayers could have gotten out so cheaply.  But, alas, as the AP story below the headline correctly reports, the bailout was for $85 billion – [...]

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Ransom Note

William “Billy” Ranson Hobbs (aka Ransom Note) has been identified as the man I saw firefighters carry from The Castle on Summit Avenue Saturday morning.  He was murdered and the other victim of the fire,  Deborah Moy, was beaten badly prior to being set ablaze and left to die.  Deborah suffered a broken jaw and [...]

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Death on Summit Avenue

Update II: From an email sent through the Aycock Neighborhood listserv… “I live in the castle house with my boyfriend. We were awoken this morning by someone banging on our door and screaming that our house was on fire. We called 911, we tried to alert the other tenant living in the apartment next to [...]

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A bull market

Update: The N&R reports on the meeting. The overwhelming sentiment expressed at the meeting was for the market to remain ‘local’ – a term which might need to be more clearly defined in the policy.  All but maybe one of the speakers from the floor advocating for a policy to allow more non-local products were [...]

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Tit for tat

Original McCain in 2007: “I think they put some lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.” Copycat Obama in 2008: “Lipstick on a pig is still a pig.” Let’s move on.

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R.I.P. Jim Roach

Following a long, brave and cruel battle with cancer, Jim Roach died this morning.  He will be missed greatly; especially by his family but also by all of Greensboro.  Jim was one of the good guys.

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Listen up, Mo

Update: Mo Green is blogging as promised.  Here’s the simply named Superintendent’s Blog.  Comments are not currently enabled.  Hopefully just a start up oversight and not policy. ********************** At 8:10 this morning, I received a “robo call” from Guilford County Schools.  On the line was Mo Green, our newly hired superintendent of schools announcing that [...]

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“Monumental challenge”

In addition to the N&R’s editorial outline of the “monumental challenge” of what to do with War Memorial Stadium in yesterday’s ‘Ideas’ front, Allen Johnson repeats the paper’s opinion of what needs to happen as he narrates this online pictorial presentation showing the stadium’s glory days as well as its current, pitiful state of disrepair. [...]

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