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Dunleith Charrette

Neighbor David Wharton saw fit to re-stoke his blog and gives a good overview of what is occurring out at Revolution Mill Studios on behalf of the Aycock Neighborhood. I attended last night’s “pin-up” session for the Dunleith Charrette and came away with a great deal of pride in the vision my neighborhood has for [...]

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OK, already. I got the message.

6:20a: Received a robo call from Guilford County Schools advising me that all after school activities have been canceled… except for ACES (after school childcare).  The call advised me to check GCS’s website for further advisories.  I did this and saw that school was delayed for two hours. 6:45a: Received a robo call from Guilford [...]

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Aycock, too

After they left Fisher Park yesterday, a large contingent of Greensboro Police crossed the tracks and set up shop across the street from my house in the Aycock Neighborhood. I walked over to talk with them as a couple of neighbors were driving by on their way home.  The common resolute question from both after [...]

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Yes!Weekly is foolish

Yes! Weekly‘s editor Brian Clarey focuses an editorial this week on the successful passage of the $20M Parks & Recreation bond. Sporting the breathless headline, “Greensboro gets fooled“,  the text of the editorial shows that the title is indeed true; but not in the way intended. Greensboro is actually getting fooled into thinking that Clarey [...]

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Red Mike rumors

I’m getting credible reports that the Sunday morning tragedy at Red Mike Grocery in Fisher Park did not include robbery of the business.  No one has mentioned that Mike’s death was the result of anything other than murder, however. Another source, namely the police-connected Troublemaker, says the police have suspect(s) in their sights and that [...]

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Grimsley polling results

Our little girl had an extraordinary showing during halftime at Friday night’s homecoming game at Grimsley High School. She was up against 12 of her school’s most beautiful and popular girls for the title of Homecoming Queen.  We were delighted when it was announced that the student body voted her first runner-up.  Josie was quite [...]

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Action Greensboro’s donation to the Simpkins PAC

Over at Triad Watch, Keith has been looking over the 3rd quarter campaign report for the Geo. C. Simpkins PAC and found a curious donation: Page 3 of the report shows that Action Greensboro gave the PAC $5,000. Keith posits that such a donation by a non-profit is possibly illegal due to their 501c(3) status.  [...]

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Sunday morning shooting

Update 9:10p – Nothing mew to report in nearly 10hrs.  Do the Greensboro police completely underestimate the power of information in the hands of citizens?  I think they do. Update 12:01p – A friend who works in the ER at Moses Cone Hospital just called and said Mike is dead.  He suffered two gunshots: one [...]

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I’m afraid that Ben is going to bust a nut unless I link to his latest on the Wray Fray, discussions regarding the city’s possible $750k EEOC settlement and other things… There are some serious issues swirling, and several local media outlets have chosen to ignore them so far.  But I don’t think they’ll be [...]

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Hush for money

The strategy of silence I mentioned a couple of days ago that was implemented to get the P&R bond passed, despite the presence of the $12M – now we can say it – natatorium, received some N&R ink this morning. P&R Director Bonnie Kuester confirmed the simple reasoning for the strategy when she told reporter [...]

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