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Weighting for land lines

Brother Keith from Kentucky just called to discuss the election and he made a point about polling data that I’ve not heard discussed. (perhaps someone can correct me on this) From our understanding, most pollsters do their thing via telephone pulling names from a directory of some sort.  Cell phones are not listed in phone [...]

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At precinct G-1

As Jinni and I left Aycock Middle School a bit ago after casting our ballots, I said to her that I wonder what it’s like for a black person to cast a ballot for a black man for president who might actually win. So, as I went to my car, I noticed the black woman [...]

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The silent campaign

As Greensboro’s voters go to the polls today and decide upon the fate of several bonds, I thought now would be a safe time to fess up. The other day, a N&R reporter called me up to find out what was up with the seemingly non-existent campaign to get the $20 million Parks & Recreation [...]

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Hoggard for queen

In another, albeit non-partisan, upcoming election, I am pulling for Hannah Josephine Hoggard to become Grimsley High School’s 2009 homecoming queen. She was one of 12 finalists who made the cut to circle the track on board a fancy convertible during the halftime activities during next Friday’s homecoming game at Jamieson Field. I’m pretty proud [...]

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Crossing the party line

Being a traditionalist I’m going to wait until Tuesday to cast my ballot.  And I have decided to throw my top-of-the-ticket lever for Barack Obama. I’ve been a McCain fan for many years.  He always struck me as a down-the-center statesman, and, yes, a maverick when it came to matters that needed isle crossing.  Through [...]

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