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Equality and advancement in City government

As a Parks & Rec Commissioner, I was cc’d with this letter (Troublemaker) to Mayor Johnson and the City Council a couple of weeks ago.  Submitted by several obviously disgruntled P&R Department employees, the letter is aimed directly at P&R Director Bonnie Kuester’s back. The letter is chock full of hyperbole (e.g.”…this case could further [...]

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Skip Obama

Over at Cone’s, an obvious insider provides a plausible back story to the all-head-chopping-all-the-time stories coming daily from Guilford County  government.  The lead chopper is my district Commish, Skip Alston. I asked a knowledgeable local reporter (not the N&R’s G. Witt) about what was up with Skip and his “new direction” mantra. This journo has [...]

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