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N&R:”Opening Windows to History”

Although today’s N&R story about my company, Double Hung, LLC, makes it sound like I still get to do some of the actual work of restoring historic windows – I really don’t.  I’ve got people – good people – that get to have all of the fun.  With the business growing as it is, my [...]

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Recession takes a Holliday

Reliable sources tell me that Holliday Hardware on Spring Garden Street is closing after 50 some-odd years of providing more service than you could stand.  If they didn’t have it, you didn’t need it.  Definitely an ‘old school’ store that will be missed. Holliday Hardware is the family namesake business of former Greensboro Mayor Keith [...]

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A nice Merlot with my homegrown broccoli, please

From a City email regarding a proposed change at the Curb Market: “The Greensboro Parks & Recreation Commission has received a citizen request and requests your input on the following: Given the growing wine industry in North Carolina, and the fact that some of these wines are sold at Farmers Markets throughout the state, and [...]

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‘Weatherization’ money strikes. Windows destroyed.

There is nothing ‘green’ about, nor is it in any way ‘energy efficient’, to rip out a building’s original windows that have been in service for 50+ years (with 100 more to go) and replace them with petroleum based replacements that have an expected service life of 15 – 20 years.  However, the window replacement [...]

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The reverend cries “wolf”… again, and again, and again…

I will consider it a major step forward for race relations in Greensboro the day Nelson Johnson calls a news conference and nobody showed?

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Best All Around – that’s my girl

Got a call this morning that Jinni & I ought to come and stay for all three hours of Grimsley High School’s Senior Awards Day.  So we did.  If you are looking for the good in public education, Grimsley’s auditorium this morning would be a fine place to start.  It is a pretty amazing event. [...]

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