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Nothing nefarious, they’re called Historic Tax Credits

Today’s Rhino takes a stab at understanding Federal Historic Preservation Tax Credits for income producing properties and how it relates to the long-awaited opening of Greensboro’s International Civil Rights Museum.  But, I suspect, the article had only enough information to make people suspicious of what had to occur to finish the project. As the name [...]

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Alston: “More to it than meets the eye..”. Indeed.

Well now. Meanwhile, over at Ed Cone’s, following up on his explosive blog post regarding Deena Hayes and Weaver/Quaintance’s freedom of information request, Yes! Weekly’s Jordan Green: “What records do the city and county have referencing the hotel project or recovery zone bonds that could possibly be considered protected? On what grounds would they try [...]

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I’d fight, too.

I’d do the same thing if I were Dennis Quaintance and Mike Weaver…. and then some. If a bunch of influential people got together, with the assistance of  government, and were looking to start a company that will be in direct competition with my niche-market, self-financed and struggling-in-this-economy window restoration business – I’d be doing [...]

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