Don’t rile Lex.

Listen up, don’t get Lex Alexander riled, I’m tellin’ you… just don’t do it.  Because if you do rile Lex, like Sen. Bill Frist has gone and done with his Taliban-like pronouncements, you will have to suffer Lex’s wrath, like…

“…I know for a fact that people of faith have not gotten together and asked Bill Frist to represent them — for one reason, because he’s so dumb that people of faith couldn’t count on him to pour pee out of a boot if the instructions were printed on the heel.”

Lex will then tell you other things you might not want hear, things like…

“In a real country, the tax-exempt statuses of the religious and other nonprofit organizations involved with this travesty would be yanked so fast the crockery on top of them wouldn’t even be disturbed.”

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